Who wins Big Brother Vip 2023? The polls of the final 3 April

Final GF Vip 7

Monday 3 April 2023, after days of waiting, the final of the GF Vip 7. Who has won? Here is everything that happened in the last episode which therefore closed the circle of a very complex edition of this program hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

Nikita Pelizon, winner of the GF VIP 7

Update April 4, 2023 at 07:00

  1. The three finalists were: Alberto, Oriana, Nikita
  2. Alberto was eliminated and finished in third place
  3. Nikita Pelizon and Oriana Marzoli they fought to the end for the title of winner.
  4. Viewers have expressed their preference between the two finalists.
  5. Nikita Pelizon has won the hearts of the public, obtaining the 53% of the votes.
  6. oriana marzoli, despite a strong fan following, got the 47% of votes, finishing in second place.
  7. Nikita's victory he has proven his popularity and support throughout his entire run in the program.
  8. After the victory Nikita made a speech very pungent: watch the video

The video of the victory

Micol and Edoardo Tavassi eliminated

Update April 4th at 00:30

After the first elimination, Micol, viewers had to witness a shock elimination: Edward Tavassi came out of the house. The latter seemed to be destined to win and instead was eliminated against oriana marzoli who, therefore, according to the polls, seems to be the one who will bring home the victory.

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Further information

Only a few hours left final of the GF Vip 7 and, according to what was revealed by the new previews, in the case of Edward Tavassi should be expelled for recent bullying against Nikita Pelizon, for the first time we will see an all-female final. The polls regarding televoting to decide the sixth finalist are currently all in favor of Milena Miconi, which apparently, with the latest outburst against Tavassi and Pelizon's staunch defense, has earned the favor of the public.

As for the possible winner of the GF Vip 7, once again at the top of the preferences there are Oriana Marzoli and Nikita Pelizon. La Marzoli, if the moods that are passing on social networks are to be believed, would also have the Latin American public on her side, but Nikita Pelizon, for its part, can count on 65,7% of the Big Brother Forum Free. A result which, if confirmed tonight by the public, could make her win the GF Vip 7.

GF Vip 7, one of the most controversial editions ever ends

Tonight, in addition to discovering the name of the winner of the GF Vip 7, one of the editions with the most acts of bullying, the most disqualifications, the most censorships and the most flash televotings ever will also end. And the only one in which, perhaps for the first time ever, Pier Silvio Berlusconi he decided to intervene to put a stop to certain behaviors of the "Vippone" judged "too out of line" and where he also imposed a rigorous "crackdown" in the name of political correctness.

If the first editions, in which there were Daniel Bossari e Gabriel Rossi as competitors (just to name two), they stood out because, alongside trash "vipponi", there were others who, on every occasion, demonstrated grace, kindness and savoir faire, in the seventh edition we witnessed an escalation of very questionable episodes, such as the much talked about the case Marco Bellavia.

In the meantime, the rumors speak of one possible closure of the GF Vip, but if, despite the bad performances of recent months, Mediaset should decide to go ahead, we hope that, after this one, future editions will return to look a little more at the first ones, which in fact were among the most appreciated by the public .

News about the victory of Nikita Pelizon to GF VIP

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Written by Frances Orelli
Image source: Instagram profile Big Brother Vip (@grandefratellotv)
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