Giuliano Palma in concert at the Nabilah di Bacoli

Giuliano Palma in concert at the Nabilah di Bacoli

Giuliano Palma in concert at the Nabilah di Bacoli

An amazing evening in music with the concert of Giuliano Palma at the Nabilah of Bacoli!

Singer Giuliano Palma will be in concert 12 September 2015 at the Nabilah of Bacoli.

The Milanese artist, former fronteman of the group Casino Royale and Bluebeaters, was influenced by sounds black rock, reggae, hip hop, dub, funk. His solo career is studded with great successes and important collaborations, including the one with Gino Paoli, of which he proposes the covers of “Domani” and “Che cosa'è”, Nilla Zilli and La Pina.

In the welcoming and jovial location of Nabilah, on the Roman beach of Bacoli, the singer-songwriter will propose his famous songs and reinterpretations, such as So far away, PES, Believe e Demasiado corazon, which became the opening theme for the Zelig comedy program.

His unmistakable voice and his energetic style will give us a pleasant evening with a nostalgic flavor, but also dance rhythms. The opening of the show will be entrusted to Margot and, after the live, the night will continue with the disco music of the DJ Cerchietto.

Admission will be free until 23.00 pm.

Information on the Giuliano Palma concert

When: the 12 September 2015
Schedule: opening hours 19.00, beginning of the 22.00 concert
Where: Nabilah, Via Romana Beach 1 - Bacoli
Ticket prices: free admission up to 23.oo

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Written by Valeria Muollo
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