Grand Court Party in Piazza Plebiscito: eighteenth-century dance in honor of Charles of Bourbon

great court party
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On the occasion of the Maggio dei Monumenti, the Grand Court Party will be organized in Piazza Plebiscito with masked dances!

Il 29 May 2016 will be held in the marvelous setting of Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples the Great Court Party in the Enchanted Square, one of the many events scheduled for the Maggio dei Monumenti.

The occasion to celebrate is given by 300th anniversary of the birth of King Charles III of Bourbon, central theme of the cultural events of the next month.

After welcoming the largest choir in the world on April 9, Piazza del Plebiscito will light up again with a gigantic dance in eighteenth-century costume, between dances, wigs and masks. Citizens, tourists and dancers: everyone will be invited to the evening. Appearances with themed dresses and wigs will blend into the crowd to improvise dances and songs.

A stage will be set up in which they will perform dancers companies and there will also be comedians to entertain the audience with their gags. They will not be missing sandieratori ed buskers that will turn around the square.

The godmother of the evening will be Marisa Laurito, dressed in period clothing. At 22.30 pm she will perform in concert with the songs of the Neapolitan tradition and with songs taken from her latest theatrical performance. She will be accompanied by the lead singer Charlie Channon.

This year the May of the Monuments has therefore chosen to celebrate the 300esimo birthday of the Bourbon sovereign, to which our region owes the Teatro San Carlo , Palace of Caserta.

Information on the Grand Court Party

When: 29 May 2016
Where: Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples
Schedule: 20.00 | 22.30 concert Marisa Laurito
Info: Facebook event 


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