Big Brother Vip: 8th edition confirmed despite controversy

Big Brother Vip punishes the cast for breaking one of the basic rules

Big Brother VIP, one of the most watched reality shows in Italy, closed the seventh edition after being the focus of controversy and criticism regarding the vulgar and trashy drift, especially relatively in the last episodes.

Despite this, the eighth edition has been confirmed for next fall.

The scandals and the intervention of Berlusconi

The seventh edition of the reality show was characterized by an endless series of controversies and criticisms, so much from far Pier Silvio Berlusconi to take the field, patron of Mediaset, who he lambasted authors and conductor for the drift taken by the program.

All this led to the disqualification of two competitors that they hadn't complied with the new rules of the game.

Despite these criticisms, Mediaset has decided to confirm the program for the eighth edition, which seems to be scheduled for launch from September 2023, with several novelties that could make the broadcast less vulgar and more acceptable to the general public.

The future of Big Brother Vip: what awaits us in the eighth edition

The eighth edition of Big Brother Vip will start in September of this year and will bring with it many new features. In particular, Mediaset seems willing to focus on real celebrities to compose the cast of contestants, as well as consider the possible return of well-known faces from past editions.

The broadcaster is considering the possibility of reduce the duration of the show, so as to avoid problems and emotional breakdowns of the competitors.
At the moment, however, the total duration of the broadcast has not yet been made official.

As for the commentators, however, there will be some changes compared to previous editions.

Sonia Bruganelli has in fact announced of want to leave his post after two consecutive seasons. Among the possible candidates in place of him, the name of stands out Giancarlo Magalli, who has stated that he wants to participate in the next edition of the reality show.

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