Fake Green Pass: here's how to recognize the original

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The rush to the vaccine to be able to obtain, as soon as possible, the now indispensable Green pass which starting from 6 August will be door opener for many activities. As the requests increased, there were also many illegal groups who have created a real shop of fake Green Passes for a fee, also passing them off as originals.

We have already talked about how to get the Green Pass, but by now the attention has been positioned on how the operators in charge will recognize the truthfulness of green certification. It is simply not enough throw an eye on the app that shows the QRcode and the data or on the paper sheet where the same information is imprinted: the Ministry of Health has taken the field with a new application to verify the validity of the COVID-19 green certifications.

The application is called Verification C19 and can be downloaded, for free, from the Play Store (Android devices) or from the App Store (iPhone). Although useful to operators, it is available for everyone and its operation is as simple as it is effective: through it, in fact, it will be possible read the QRCode (on paper or on display) to verify its authenticity in a few seconds. Once scanned, the information regarding the Green Pass owner (Name, Surname, Date of Birth) will come out. Verification occurs because the app accesses, at least once a day, the platformbut national-DGC, where all the public keys used to sign the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" issued are made available.

Specifically, the verification takes place in this way:

The Certification is requested by the verifier to the interested party who shows the relative QR Code (in digital or paper format).

The Verification C19 App reads the QR Code, extracts the information from it and proceeds to check the qualified electronic seal.

The VerificationC19 App applies the rules to verify that the Certification is valid.

The Verification C19 App graphically shows the verifier the effective validity of the Certification as well as the name, surname and date of birth of the holder of the same.

The interested party, at the request of the verifier, exhibits a valid identity document for the purpose of verifying the correspondence of the personal data present in the document with those displayed by the App.

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