Halloween 2015 in Naples: fearsome parties, thrilling visits and scary events in the city

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The scariest parties and thrilling events for a scary Halloween 2015 in Naples!

Events for Halloween 2015 in Naples they will immerse you in acreepy atmosphere, whether you choose to follow the themed guided tours, whether you decide to go off all night or take part in other initiatives in the city.

Although Halloween is a purely American party, for several years in Italy it is celebrated with themed events and Naples could not miss the list, especially for the strong bond between the Neapolitans and the world of the dead. Furthermore, the 31 October is very close to ours All Saints, the so-called day of the dead of November 2, very felt by all citizens.

In fact, some events will last until November 2 and many of them will also be dedicated to children. For example, the interesting guided tours to discover the ghosts of the historical center of Naples or the Halloween Village of Giugliano.
Among the parties, however, that of the Living promises to be really scary and fun and participants must present themselves with scary costumes.

But there are many events to celebrate Halloween 2015 in Naples, let's discover them together.

Guided tours

Halloween Baby Tour


An electrifying tour dedicated to the younger ones ghosts of the alleys of Naples. The historic center of the city is full of legends and esotericism and the guided tour will introduce children to the places and stories of the Neapolitan ghosts, with obligatory stops in the shops in the area for the "trick or treat". Children are welcome to dress up in scary outfits and costumes! An animated and theatrical cultural itinerary will be followed in which the meaning of Halloween will be understood thanks to the interventions of Jack the Lantern and a Neapolitan soul. Between curious characters, funny gags, games, puzzles, balloons, sweets you will deepen the history of palaces, churches and squares encountered along the way.

When: from 30 October to 1 November 2015
Where: alleys of the historical center
For details on schedules and costs, ours article on the tour.

The Witches of the Castle

Also this year the thrilling guided tours return to Castel dell'Ovo. With the guidance of some scary witches, we will go to the discovery of the mysteries of Partenope and his great-granddaughter Milena, listening to scary tales and participating in many themed games. There will also be the inevitable "trick or treat", all in the magical atmosphere of the enigmatic castle in which it is said that the egg brought by Virgil is hidden there.

When: 1th November 2015
Where: Castel dell'Ovo, appointment at the Fontana dell'Immacolatella
All other details in thearticle on the Witches of the Castle.

These Ghosts: Halloween between Dracula and the legendary figures

The Nonsoloart association organizes a visit for adults to discover the mysteries of the alleys of Naples, focusing on the figure of Dracula, whose tomb is probably in the church of Santa Maria La Nova. From here the tour will start, continuing through the streets of the center to get to know figures like the Munaciello or the Beautiful mbriana. They will cross Piazza del Gesù, Complex of Santa Chiara (external), Piazza San Domenico Maggiore , Via Nilo e Via Tribunali.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: piazza Santa Maria La Nova
Schedule: 18.30 (duration about 2 hours)
Prezzi: participation fee 6 € per person + entrance Santa Maria la Nova 5 € per person
Contacts: 3936856305 | info@nonsoloart.it | Facebook event

Ghosts at the Castle

Al Maschio Angioino we repeat the traditional representation of Fantasmi al Castello, an animated guided tour whose children and adults will discover the superstitions, beliefs and popular legends related to the cult of the Neapolitan dead. Cute costumed actors will play the role of Anime Pezzentelle and will lead visitors into the castle rooms.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: Maschio Angioino, Piazza Castello
Schedule: from 15.30 am to 16.30 pm
For our prices and other info dedicated article.


Halloween Ceres Night


The Alter Ego in the historic center will organize a horror-themed Halloween party, with Ghosts, blood e zombie. The sponsor of the evening will be Ceres who will take care of the environment, create a frightening atmosphere, and distribute thrilling gadgets to the participants. The best themed costume will be awarded with a bottle of champagne.
The DJ set will be edited by Alberto Als and Luca Senise.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: Alter Ego, via Xantuopoli 105

Halloween at the Living

In the Living disco they will dance and sing during the Celtic Halloween party. In fact, the traditions of the Celtic festival of Samhain will be brought to light in which people gathered around the fire to celebrate what was considered the new year. It will be a masked party with sets and animation on the notes of the DJs Raf Parola and Marco Cortese and the voice of Michael Massi. Participants are invited to wear themed dresses and masks.

When: 31 October 2015
Working hours:: from the 23.00
The entrance it is reserved only for those on the list. To be inserted call 3338337538 (Mimmo Melissa)
Price formula Disco: woman 10 € with drink | man: 15 € with drink
Reservations required.

Arenile Horror Movie Party

The Arenile di Bagnoli will be a thrilling location for the night of October 31st. The Horror Movie Party will be organized and there will be dancing all night with the DJ sets of Irene Ferrara, Elio Foglia and Als Revogue. In addition, three people will perform in the precise choreography by Michael Jackson's Thriller. There will also be many surprises and the screening of a film or horror footage.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: Arenile Reload. via Coroglio 14b
Price: 15 €, including drink, before XNUMXam
Schedule: 23.00

Bounce and Bones Party

The Bounce and Bonce Morty Swing Party will take place at the Circolo Rari Nantes, the “great party in honor of the afterlife". There will be live music and the DJ set by LucieQdjette + Tone Cooper, Adam Brozowski and many Lindyhop dancers. The guests can present themselves with an "aldiqua" or "afterlife" themed dress.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: Circle Rari Nantes, Cliff Saint Lucia 1
Schedule: 20.30

Halloween party at the 100 Montaditos


Even the tasty 100 Montaditos at Vomero he will celebrate Halloween with free animation, makeup, balloons, soap bubbles and many other types of entertainment especially for children.

When: 31 October
Where: via Merliani 5
Schedule: from 16.30 am to 19.30 pm

Headband or Trick?

One will be organized at the Alter Ego in via Costantinopoli pre-Halloween evening with the famous DJ Circlet who has been playing with music for about 20 years to entertain and have fun. He defines himself as his “flash-dance” style and his adrenaline-fueled tracklist mix electropop and Raffaella Carrà, funk and the 80s and rock and roll and Tammurriata Nera. During the evening there will be the DJ set by Gianluca Viscovo.

When: 30 October 2015
Where: Alter Ego, via Xantuopoli 105
Price: free entry by invitation. Consult the Facebook page of the event.

Other events

Halloween at the City of Science

An event dedicated above all to children entitled "Show on display between science and science fiction". Scientific and creative workshops will be organized, tricks, games, shows, but also dances, music, street artists and set up areas with ghosts, monsters, horror characters, witches. Do not miss the show of commedia dell'arte and live music entitled "Pulcinella in the darkness”And everything will be enriched by tastings of themed recipes.

When: the November 1 2015
Where: City of Science, Via Coroglio, 57 / 104
For details on prices and timetables, the article on Halloween at the City of Science.

Halloween Village

halloween horror

A Halloween Village will be set up in Giugliano to have fun with many activities for children and adults. There will be three areas: village of pumpkins, horror labyrinth andhorror party and we will untangle ourselves among ghosts, horrible masks, intricate paths, monsters and spirits.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: Via Nuova Sant'Antonio 23, Giugliano in Campania (NA)
Timetables, prices and complete program in the article onHalloween Village.

Burlesque at Palazzo Venezia

The 30 October al Palazzo Venezia will take place "Burlesque Cabaret Napoli" with a new show with sequins and feathers and grotesque and dark colors. He will perform Le Fantome cabaret in the frame of the Casina Pompeiana with sinister atmospheres and macabre, among bizarre characters that will appear from the shadows to scare guests. Participants are invited to introduce themselves with spooky costumes that recall the creatures of the night like ghosts, vampires, harpies, zombies and mummies.

When: 30 October 2015
Where: Palazzo Venezia, via Benedetto Croce 19
Schedule: 21.30
Info and reservations: 081 5528739 | palazzovenezianapoli@gmail.com

Nightmare Movies


To celebrate Halloween as it should, the UCI Cinemas and The Space Cinema will broadcast Nightmare - From the Deep of the Night (Nightmare on Elm Street), the first chapter of the saga of Freddy Krueger, the killer who kills by entering people's dreams, to scare the spectators by immersing them in a scary and dark atmosphere.

When: 30 and 31 October 2015
Where: UCI Cinemas Casoria and The Space Cinema

Halloween in Jazz

Al Palazzo Venezia we will celebrate Halloween remembering the ancient Celtic origins of this party with a concert of neapolitan gipsy jazz. The performance of Mario Romano and his band will merge the Neapolitan roots of gypsy jazz with the contaminations of other European countries, South America and Africa. The evening will be enriched by a visit to the Palace and a appetizer in the hanging garden.

When: 31 October
Where: Palazzo Venezia, via Benedetto Croca 19
Schedule: 21.30
Price: organizational contribution 12 €
Info: quartierijazz@live.it | 340.489.38.36

Catrina and Catrin


The Fun Factory will celebrate the Mexican version of Halloween, the so-called Dia de Muertos which falls on November 1st. Children will discover one of the most important characters of the collective imagination of Mexico and Guatemala, La Catrina, through an animated story and a puppet show.

When: 1th November 2015
Where: The Fun Factory, via Madonnelle 29 - Herculaneum
Price: 8 € | for children enrolled in the annual 6 € courses
Schedule: 11.00 (lasts about an hour and a half, show up at 10.45).
Info: a limited number, reservations required at 081 19573973 0 3381131661 | Site The Fun Factory

Ceres Halloween Invasion

zombie e buskers they will literally invade some of the clubs in Naples, frightening and, at the same time, amusing anyone who is nearby. There will be live performances and the locals involved will be “Il Baretto”, “Il Ciottolo” and “Frank Spunk”.

When: 31 October 2015
Where: The Baretto (via Aniello Falcone, 300), Il Ciottolo (Via Amerigo Vespucci 90 and Viale Michelangelo), Frank Spunk (via Palmiro Togliatti 70b)
Schedule: 22.00

Hunting for Witch


The bakery Cake Appeal di Chiaia organizes the event "Hunting for Witches" in collaboration with the company Strega and will propose free tastings of flavored sweets at Strega liqueur, nougat based Strega, cupcake Halloween theme with Witch taste cream and tastings of this well-known liqueur from Benevento.

When: 30 and 31 October 2015
Where: via Cavallerizza to Chiaia, 61
Schedule: from 7.00 to 2.00
More info in our article on Hunting for Witch.

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