The Maschio Angioino of Naples lights up with the colors of Ukraine

Maschio Angioino with the colors of Ukraine

In addition to the demonstrations that were held in the city as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are suffering from the military actions of Russia, such as that organized by the trade unions,the municipal administration of Naples has decided to illuminate the Maschio Angioino.

In fact, the Castel Nuovo, from 19.00 on 25 February 2022, in the evening will dress i colors of the flag of Ukraine, that is, blue and yellow, as a symbol of repudiation of war.

It is the initiative put in place on the recommendation of the mayor Gaetano Manfredi to express everything the solidarity of the citizens of Naples to women, men and children who are suffering in Ukraine.

There are many cities that every day, not only in Italy, show their closeness to Ukraine and loudly shout their "NO" to war. Symbolic gestures such as that of illuminating the monuments, including the Maschio Angioino and the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, are part of this opposition.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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