Vesuvius Pride in Torre Annunziata against all hatred and discrimination

Vesuvius Pride

The Vesuvio Rainbow Pride Association arrange for Saturday 4 June 2022 a special appointment, namely the Vesuvius Pride in Torre Annunziata, in the province of Naples.

After two years of pandemic that forced the blocking of any event, the appointment with one of the most awaited events by citizens, the Pride, which was born to defend and above all recognize the rights of the LGBTQ + community.

The date of the appointment was chosen following a meeting that took place on March 13, 2022 with the Assembly of members of the Pride Vesuvio Rainbow Association.

Vesuvius Pride 2022 will also be dedicated to the memory of Lucky Call, historic LGTBQ + activist, recently passed away.

The themes of Vesuvius Pride 2022

Obviously, Vesuvius Pride 2022 is organized to send an important message to the whole population, therefore the denunciation of all kinds of violence, hatred and prevarication.

The important issues will therefore be those of the claim of civil rights egalitarian marriage, then a national law against homobistransphobic discrimination and finally it ius soli.

Everyone is therefore invited to participate in the event under the banner of freedom to be yourself and to love.

Napoli Prida returns

We also remind you of the appointment with Napoli Pride a July. This initiative too had been held back by the pandemic and it had not been possible to organize parades in recent years, but from this year the parade is back in the city.

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June 4 2022


Torre Annunziata


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Written by Serena De Luca
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