In Naples in Piazza Municipio in Naples: parade in period clothes and tammurriata

In Naples, fashion and design arrive at Piazza Municipio
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In Naples, fashion and design arrive at Piazza Municipio

In Naples is a refined event in Piazza Municipio in Naples with a parade in period clothes and tammurriata at the Neptune Fountain!

Il 25 May 2017Piazza Municipio there will be In Naples, the event that has fashion, design, ideas and new talents as protagonists.

The Neapolitan square will host levent created and conceived by the Isabella D'Este Caracciolo Institute in conjunction with the "May Neapolitan" and the "May of the Monuments".

Various sponsors who have decided to join the initiative, both as regards the preparation of make up and clothes and for the “beverage and food” part.


The square is tinged with red, a color linked to the eruption of Vesuvius, as a symbol of a Naples always ready to get up, to be reborn from its ashes with the incredible and young talents that stand out in our city.

A particular choreography with musical background accompanies the parade of the students in suits period covering a period from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

I will also be there tammurriata around the Neptune Fountain and the symbolic representation of the eruption of Vesuvius made by 10 pupils.

A great opportunity to learn about models and materials of the Neapolitan handmade sector.

Information on the In Naples event

Where: Piazza Municipio

When: 25 May 2017

Schedule: from 18.00

Price: price quotation

Info: Facebook event

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