The Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli illuminated at night

Casina Vanvitelliana
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The wonderful Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli will be illuminated at night, meanwhile the opening of a park in the Cinque Lenze area is planned!

The wonderful Casina Vanvitelliana, the suggestive hunting lodge which stands on an island of Lake Fusaro in Bacoli, will return to show all its beauty even at night, in fact, as announced by the Mayor, Josi Gearardo Della Ragione, it will return to being illuminated during the night. 

A wonderful news that was made possible thanks to the repair of the electrical system, using the funds obtained from visits to the Casina. Important work was also done on the window frames of the site which caused flooding inside the structure.

Connected to the mainland by a wooden jetty, the Casina Vanvitelliana in Bacoli is a real one breathtaking place, which is worth visiting as soon as it reopens to the public.

The park in the Cinque Lenze area

Meanwhile, work has begun on the new Park in the Cinque Lenze area, a long-abandoned former military area. Within this space there are one large green area e six sheds which are currently undergoing renovations and waste cleaning.

Once the work is finished it will be delivered to the citizens a large public park where you can access on foot or by bicycle from the cycle path that goes around Lake Miseno.


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