Christmas in Bacoli: concert by Avitabile, markets, aperitifs and much more

Christmas events in bacoli
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bacoli seems to want to do full-in for Christmas. After its illuminations at the Casina Vanvitelliana, which every year welcome many local and non-local visitors, and the skating rink, now a real Christmas program which will involve the entire village in the province of Naples.

This was announced by the young mayor Josi Gerardo Della Ragione through his fanpage of Facebook and among his statements anticipates, quickly, some of the organisers' activities who will return this Christmas 2022 in Bacoli.

Here is his post:

There will be him. Master Enzo Avitabile. And many others. We are about to present the calendar of Christmas events in Bacoli. Never so rich. Over twenty concerts, in every part of the city. The markets, the ice rink, the Luci d'Artista, the aperitifs in the pedestrian areas. The film club for children, living nativity scenes, comedies. And New Year's Eve in the square.

In this way we give strength to the economy, to the trade of the territory. Thus we give so much joy to families, to young people, to the elderly. To everyone. We leave immediately. Until Epiphany. And beyond. A calendar of playful and cultural events that places Bacoli among the places in the province of Naples where you can spend the Christmas holidays. We present it on Wednesday. At Villa Cerillo. Wednesday, 16:00. With him. Together with Enzo Avitabile. We are waiting for you. Because our country can always focus on tourism. All the year. We believe in it. United, it will be a show. A step at a time.

What will Bacoli's activities be for Christmas 2022

In summary, therefore, the mayor spoke of the following activities that will be present in the Christmas program in Bacoli:

  • Concert of Enzo Avitabile
  • Beyond 20 concerts in every area of ​​Bacoli
  • Christmas markets
  • Track of skating on ice
  • Le Luci d'Artista (which we already know at the Casina Vanvitelliana)
  • Aperitifs taken the pedestrian areas
  • Cineforum Children
  • cribs living
  • Commedie
  • New Year in the square

We wait for the program complete of the initiative!

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