The migration of turtles in Bacoli, an incredible natural event

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Every year, the coasts of bacoli become the stage of an extraordinary natural event: the Migration of turtles. The protagonists embark on a long journey across the oceans, an odyssey guided by instinct that leads them to navigate the currents with millimeter precision.

La Migration of turtles a bacoli it is not only a natural phenomenon of rare beauty, but also represents a crucial moment for the conservation of these species, underlining the importance of protecting marine habitats.

The annual event in Bacoli

The phenomenon of Migration of turtles a bacoli it is an event that attracts the attention of naturalists, researchers and tourists from all over the world. These marine creatures, after spending years in distant waters, return to the beaches where they were born to lay their eggs, thus perpetuating the cycle of life. The precision with which turtles find their home shore remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the natural world, an ancestral instinct that challenges our current scientific knowledge.

How to participate

For those who wish to witness this spectacle of nature, the City of Bacoli offers various opportunities. Interested parties can contact the number +081 855 3604 , active from 10:00 to 18:00, to receive information on how to participate in events dedicated to turtle migration.

It is possible to reach bacoli by car, following the signs for the Naples ring road, exit Pozzuoli/Arco Felice direction bacoli, or via public transport with the EAV Ferrovia Cumana line to Torregaveta or Fusaro, then continuing with the EAV bus to via Risorgimento.

The events will take place at Villa Cerillo, located in Via Cerillo, 57, starting at 11:00. Participation is free, making the event accessible to all.

  • Where: Villa Cerillo
  • When: Saturday February 03 2024
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