The Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in San Giorgio a Cremano for Father's Day

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A San Giorgio a Cremano, At the Father's Day, a particular event will take place together with the eccentric Willy Wonka and his collaborators in the delightful “Chocolate Factory".

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March, families will be able to participate in the interactive show at the historical Righetti Foundries, within the eighteenth century Villa Bruno, located in via Cavalli di Bronzo 22.

An emotional and multisensory journey

The "Chocolate Factory" is a theatrical event and interactive created by the format “But where do cartoons live?” by Aurora Manuele, with the artistic direction of Francesco Chiaiese.

Willy Wonka, owner of the largest chocolate factory in the world, and his loyal workers, the Umpa Lumpa, will create a special competition for the participants: who will find the golden tickets hidden in the chocolate bars, he will be able to visit the factory and discover its marvels and secrets.

An immersive and unforgettable experience

The children who will enter a Villa Bruno they will receive some magic coins to buy chocolate and try to get the G'sold Ticket. From that moment it will start a emotional and multisensory journey, during which they will meet Willy Wonka and hear about his wacky adventures.

Il interactive path will transform spectators into protagonists, offering surprises, delicious moments and indelible memories. The organizers promise an experience full of music, twists, laughter and sweets.

Contacts and information

  • Social : Facebook page .
  • Tel: 3272540679
  • Reservation request :
  • Where: Righetti Foundry of Villa Bruno in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples)
  • When: from Saturday 18 March 2023 to Sunday 19 March 2023
  • Prezzi:
    • Children up to 3 years old: €10
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