The Chocolate Festival in Torre del Greco from 10 to 12 February 2023

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La Chocolate Fair returns to conquer the citizens, but this time its location will be Greek's tower. It is an appointment dedicated to fans of this titbit that they will have the opportunity to taste the many delicacies baked by master chocolatiers who will arrive from all over Italy on the occasion of this meeting of national importance.

The event will take place in the historic heart of Torre del Greco, or at the famous Santa Croce Square twigs 10 to February 12 2023.

What will you taste at the Fair?

We have already talked about the absolute protagonist of this appointment, namely the chocolate, but we must point out that yes it will certainly be a predominant ingredient, but it will not be the only one star. There will be, for example, very many sweets of the Sicilian tradition and much more. In any case, the tastings and the stands with the possibility of buying the products represent the heart of the Festival.

Choco Play, workshops for children

A space dedicated to children will be that of Choco Play, here will take place i culinary workshops where the master chocolatiers will explain both the art of chocolate is its birth. The workshops are available by reservation. The Choco Plays are one of the flagships of this event.

  • Where: Piazza Santa Croce, Torre del Greco
  • When: from Friday 10 February 2023 to Sunday 12 February 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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