Motor Show in Torre del Greco. Performances with cars, motorcycles and trucks

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Bizarre Motor Show, the unmissable traveling event of spectacular stunts and performances with cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, comes to Greek's tower. The appointment enriches the calendar of events scheduled in the province of Naples during this spring.

The idea of ​​the show comes from David Bizarre, belonging to one family of stuntmen with a long tradition of collaborations in the world of cinema and TV.

The origins of this show date back to the 30s in the United States, where the first ones were held Motor Show who mesmerized and enthralled the American public with cars that traversed rough terrain and obstacles, and came out wrecked.

Il format lands in Europe in the 40s, when some German prisoners who had attended the shows in the United States returned home recounting the extraordinary events they had witnessed.

The Motor Show in Europe

A group of ex-prisoners began proposing one European version of the show, with Pascal Bizarro, Italian circus performer and father of Davide, as a presenter. Pascal became a pilot himself after a stuntman was injured, thus starting a performance tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Professional stuntmen

Grew up between shows that unite the circus in extreme cinema, Davide Bizzarro distinguished himself from an early age: at just 14, he became known as the "child records” for jumping 15 cars with the motorbike during a Bizzarro show at the Bologna Motorshow.

Today, the Bizzarro family carries out its shows, increasingly rich in performances and full of adrenaline. The Bizarre Motor Show will be in Torre del Greco fromApril 19th to May 1st, in Via Nazionale in the Leopardi area. Two daily shows are scheduled: at 17:00 and 21:00 on weekdays, at 17pm and 00pm on Sundays. On Tuesdays, however, the show will be closed to the public.

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