Sacred Night in Torre del Greco: guided tours, craft markets and tourist cycling


14 and 15 October 2023 in Torre del Greco, in the province of Naples, an important event will take place: Holy Night, an event celebrating the fifth anniversary of the canonization of Saint Vincent Roman with a truly rich program of events between the historic center and the suburbs.

In particular, the canonization of the Saint took place on 14 October 2018 in Piazza San Petro in Rome, with a function presided over by Papa Francesco.

The event is organized by the Torre del Greco Sacred Night Committee, an organization born just this year and which aims to make the story of this man known to everyone as well as organizing many events to allow the social and tourist relaunch of the city.

Cycle touring

The new edition of the Sacred Night arrives full of news, first of all there is the Cycle Touring Ride which will take place during the morning of Saturday 14 October 2023, in collaboration with the experts at Free Spirits on Tour. He will then all set off together on a journey through the streets of the city, to get to know all its facets even better.

Great attention will be given toTorrese coral and cameo craftsmanship, with various demonstrations taking place in the historic center and also the opening of the Coral Museum.


In addition to the Cycle Touring Ride, the program is really rich and is divided into 4 itineraries:

  • Way of Faith
  • Via del Santo
  • Street of the Sea
  • Via degli Ipogei

In addition to these, there will also be the Prayer itinerary, with the solemn exposition of the relics of the Saint in Piazza Santa Croce, it is one of the most evocative and exciting moments of the event.

But that's not all, because during the two evenings there will be the participation of artists, experts, volunteers, associations, parishes, schools that will perform music, art and culture. Also on the program are exhibitions, painting exhibitions, recreational and educational moments guided visits to the churches and the Saint's house.

To participate you will need to register on the Eventbrite platform.

Contacts and Information

Facebook page | EventBrite

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  • Where: Greek's tower
  • When: from Saturday 14 October 2023 to Sunday 15 October 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Serena De Luca
Image source: Vesuvius National Park
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