The Night of Tammorra in Naples in Piazza Mercato: returns to the historic location between dances and music

The Night of Tammorra in Naples

The beloved is back Night of the Tammorra in Naples, precisely in the historic Market Square, a venue that for years has seen the presence of fans of this kind of dance typical of Southern Italy.

The party this year celebrates 20 years and go back to this square after 9 years of absence. In fact, in previous years it was often organized between Piazza Plebiscito and the Rotonda Diaz, but it is in Piazza Mercato that it has become one of the most famous and important events for popular music in Italy.

The appointment for the 22 and the 23 September 2022 and, as for every previous edition, the Tammorra Night is promoted by the Municipality of Naples and by Naples Città della Musica. This popular music and culture festival was conceived by the great Carlo Faiello, Neapolitan composer and musicologist, expert on Tammorra, who is also its artistic director.

Piazza Mercato is at the center of a renaissance because various events are being organized there and at the end of August there was also the concert by Peppe Barra.

The twentieth edition, an important anniversary

The event comes to his twentieth edition, so it is a particularly important event, an anniversary that celebrates 20 years of great art and passion.

Certainly there will be many fans who will play and dance in the square to the rhythm of live music that will be played on the stage and the night will be full of joy and fun.

The program of the evenings

September 22th

 The Night of the roots in the sky allows you to go beyond the limits of your own borders thanks to the ability of musicians and artists who know how to read the past in a contemporary way. This evening he will be present Isa Danieli, a special guest who joined the previous program.

1) Opening: Canto 'a Figliola with Isidoro

Follows: The welcome dance, entrusted to the Paranza do 'Tramuntano folk group from Tramonti who will perform the archaic rhythm dedicated to the Madonna Advovata.

2) Napoliextracomunitaria with the participation of Peppe Sannino

Vesuvian group that pays homage to the memories of: Giovanni Coffarelli, Esposito Abate known as zì Riccardino and Pasquale Terracciano, historical singers of the tradition of Monte Somma.

3) Lina Sastri

He will return to perform in the square and with the song 'Madonna de lu Carmine' where in the seventies he made himself known to the general public thanks to the revolutionary show of 'Masaniello'.

4) Carlo Faiello & the Tammorra Night Orchestra

Sasà Brancaccio, Vittorio Cataldi, Sonia De Rosa, Giovanni Lo Cascio, Gianluca Mercurio, Pasquale Nocerino, Edo Puccini, Pina Valentino with the participation of Clelia Liguori and Monica Marra, will perform pieces by Carlo Faiello that are now part of the repertoire of many groups of folk music.

5) Enzo Gragnaniello

He will interpret songs like 'Stu criato' and 'Vasame', songs rooted in the tradition of the modern Neapolitan song.

6) Raffaello Converso and Paolo Romano aka 'Sha-one' they will present an idea by Roberto De Simone: a piece by Pino Daniele 'Je so' pazzo 'on a rhythmic and harmonic base from the famous Gargano tarantella.

7) Dario Sansone, frontman of the Neapolitan folk band "Foja ' e Roberto Colella, singer of the musical group 'La Maschera'

Two exponents of the new Neapolitan musical frontier to pay homage to popular music projected into the future.

 9) Ars Nova Napoli feat. Bagarija Orkestra group of the old town. 

One of the most representative bands of Neapolitan Nu Folk. The metropolitan ensemble will close the Twentieth anniversary of the Tammorra Night with a varied repertoire open to the multiple sounds of the s

September 23th

The Night of the Deep Roots allows a journey into the world of peasant civilization, retracing the simplicity of songs, dances and communities that still today retain the charm of the relationship between man and nature.

1) Province of Naples

Paranza Pimontese dei Monti Lattari _ spokesperson _ Carmela Cerchia with the participation of Immacolata Somma considered the last descendant of the rhythm on the Pimontese style drum.

2) Province of Benevento _ spokesperson _ Nino Capobanco

The Samnites of Sannio. Authoritative representatives of the 'Ballo della Taccarata', so defined for the rhythmic use made of 'tàkkare', seasoned olive sticks and for the original musical motif.

3) Province of Caserta _ spokesman _ Emilio Di Donato

Ariano Popular Group of Pignataro Maggiore. Songs of work, love and protest from the upper Casertano. On this occasion they will present a brief mention of the Marcianise 'Bear's Ball'.

4) Province of Avellino _ spokesperson _ Roberto D'Agnese

Tarantella Montemaranese school composed of leading exponents of Irpinia music; a dance unique in the sound heritage of oral tradition, still alive and participatory today, performed especially during Carnival.

5) Province of Salerno _ spokesperson _ Biagino Di Prisco

Opening with Distant Songs and Dance on the Drum. with Biagio Di Prisco, recognized by all musicologists and researchers of the tradition as the youngest virtuoso singer of San Marzano sul Sarno.

6) Museum of the Bagpipe… Alta Terra di Lavoro

From the Festival of the Bagpipe of Villa Latina, Domenico and Angelo Fusco, historical bagpipers, will perform in Naples, accompanied by accordions, ciaramelle, tambourines and dancers to spread the Saltarello and the Ballarella.

7) Pastellessa Sound Group _ Bottari of Macerata Campania

Spokesman Donato Capuano. Typical executors of that particular rhythm called "pastellessa". With barrels, vats and scythes they create that millenary polyrhythm linked to the rite of 'Sant'Antuono'. With the participation of Simone Carotenuto leader of the collective: Tammorrari del Vesuvio

8) The final Tammurriata

Also this year, it is entrusted to La Paranza do 'Lione, a group of research and recovery of the traditions of the Agro _ Nocerino _ Sarnese.

Information on the Night of Tammorra


22 and 23 September 2022


Market Square in Naples

Preferred Time

by 21.00




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  • Where: Market Square
  • When: from Thursday 22 September 2022 to Friday 23 September 2022, from 21 pm
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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