The Ancient Bourbon Wharf discovered in the port of Naples

beverello pier
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Incredible discovery in the port of Naples: during the demolition of the old maritime station, part of a Bourbon pier was discovered!

An incredible discovery was made during the demolition of the old Maritime Station, in fact the Port Authority announced the discovery of a ancient pier, probably dating back to the Bourbon era.

Discovered an ancient pier in the Port of Naples

The works have brought to light a part of an ancient pier, probably from the Bourbon period, about 50 meters. The incredible discovery was made during the works for the new Maritime station of Molo Beverello.

In fact, currently the Port Activity, together with the Superintendence of Archaeological Heritage of Naples, is working to understand how to continue the work without damaging part of the Bourbon pier.

From the first checks it seems that the recent discovery, the Bourbon pier, was modified after the unification of Italy to increase the range of the port. In fact it is in front of the Maschio Angioino where there seems to be a small beach.


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