The Four Days of Naples 2020: here are the scheduled events

Four Days of Naples 2019
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The Four Days of Naples: all the events scheduled to celebrate the history of the city of Naples!

From 26 September to 1 October 2020 will take place in Napoli the Celebrations for the Four Days of Naples with a truly rich program of appointments and events.

Edition number 77 will obviously be dedicated to the celebration of the resistance and the liberation of the city of Naples from the German army, to keep the memory of those days vivid, but it will also be dedicated to the celebration of all contemporary resistances, against obscurantism and the new fascisms.

There will be many scheduled appointments including the symbolic delivery of a medal to the father at the San Domenico Maggiore complex on Sunday 27 September By Lorenzo Orsetti, Alessandro who will be in streaming connection. Also scheduled book presentations and guided tours!


Guided tours 

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September:

  • History of Vomero, from the suburbs to the symbolic place of the city: guided tours of the Vomero district from 09:30 to 11:30, departure from Piazzale San Martino.
  • Il Vomero, from birth to the 4 Days of Naples from 11:30 to 13:30, departure from Piazza quattro Giornate in front of the sculpture by Renato Barisani
  • Il Vomero, from the postwar period to the art stations: guided tours of the 4 Days Art Stations and Vanvitelli

Price: 5 €

Contacts: reservations required by the day before the initiative at 39 339 29 55 351

27 Settembre 

  • The Four Days of Naples. Maddalena Cerasuolo and the women of the Resistance: from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 guided tours from the Rione Materdei alla Sanità. Departure from Piazzetta Scipione Ammirato.

Price: full 10 euro, reduced (10-18 years) 6 euro, free up to 10 years

Contacts: reservations required at or Cell-Whatsapp 0039 3662403867

Evening events 

  • 27 September at 21:00 pm at the Convent of San Domenico Maggiore the event In the name of the partisans of yesterday and today with the symbolic delivery of a medal to the father By Lorenzo Orsetti, a young anarchist and anti-fascist killed in Syria on March 18, 2019.

Price: price quotation

Contacts: reservations required at place

Institutional celebrations 

September 28, deposition of laurel wreaths 

  • 10:15 am Mausoleum of Posillipo
  • 10:40 am Piazza Bovio, plaque at the entrance to the Chamber of Commerce
  • 10:50 am Piazza Carità, Salvo d'Acquisto stele
  • 11:15 am Ponte Maddalena Cerasuolo (formerly Ponte della Sanità)

Four Days Events 

  • Resilience of workers 09:30 with the screening in the Whirlpool in Naples of the film The Four Days of Naples by Nanni Loy
  • 28 Settembre The school for the four days at 17:00 CGIL hall
  • 30 Settembre Bread, peace and work. Naples after the war, Naples today at 17:00 CGIL salon
  • 2 October Presentation of the 2018-2019 issue of the Resistoria magazine at 17:00 CGIL Salon
  • 22 October Presentation of the book Noi Partisiani. Memorial of the Italian Resistance 17:00 Sala Dei Baroni, Maschio Angioino

Contacts: reservations required at the address:

Information on Four Days of Naples

When: from 26 to 1 October 2020

Where: different places in Naples

Prices and contacts: consult the program, official website City of Naples 

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