LOL 3 – Who laughs is out: cast, exit and the participating comedians

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The famous comedy show “LOL - Who laughs is outwill return to streaming the 9 March with the third season.
The series is produced by Endemol Shine Italy and distributed by Prime Video, Amazon's streaming service.

What is LOL all about? How to play?

The game modes are now very famous, basically all the participants in the game they are comedians of old and new generations grouped together in a room with various props and a stage.
The goal is to make the others laugh, whoever laughs gets booked, the second booking gets expelled.

The highlander standing last wins.

In case the game slows down or crashes random elements will come into play decided by the conductors, up to the "lethal weapon" or a comedian from a previous edition who will perform as a jammer.

The presentation conference

The presentation conference of the third season of LOL – Chi ride è fuori took place at the Teatro Eliseo in Rome, where they were unveiled all the details of the new season of the show.

The presenter of the event, Serena Dandini, provided information on the participation of cast members and the news that await us.

How the third season will be organized

The third season of LOL – Who laughs is out will be divided into two parts, with the first four episodes available from 9 March e the last two from 16 March.
Ten competitors will compete for the final prize of one hundred thousand euros to be donated to a charity.

The cast of comedians is made up of

  • Herbert Ballerina,
  • Fabio Balsamo,
  • Luca Bizzarri,
  • Paolo Kessisoglu,
  • Cristiano Caccamo,
  • Paul Cevoli,
  • Martha Philippi,
  • Nino Frassica,
  • Brenda Lodigiani,
  • Marina Massironi.

The pair of conductors is made up of the now faithful Fedez and Frank Matano which among other things had participated in the first edition.
I'm Capatonda, the winner of the previous edition, will be “the lethal weapon” of laughter, called to disturb the participants in the race as Lillo did last year.

The success of LOL – Who laughs is out

The new season of LOL – Who laughs is out is eagerly awaited by the fans who followed the first two editions of the show.
Thanks to the Italian comedy of the cast members who change from year to year, the series has won over a large audience of comedy enthusiasts.

The rules of the game are well-rehearsed, and the cast is excited to provide fans with a moment of entertainment.

The official trailer of LOL 3

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