Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in crisis after Sanremo? The clues

Chiara Ferragni Fedez

Il 2023 Festival of Sanremo ended for months and more than the victory of Marco Mengoni (which, for some, was decidedly obvious), got the talk crisis which appears to take place between the Ferragnez, or Chiara Ferragni and Fedez.

What happened? Unlike what happened after the first evening of Sanremo 73, in which she made her debut as co-host alongside Amadeus and where Fedez he showered her with compliments and also dedicated a tender message on Instagram before the live, after the finals no posts have arrived, or even dedications, for the rapper's wife.

Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the possible jealousy of her behind the wall of frost

It seems that, among the reasons for this behavior of Fedez, there are the anger and jealousy of Chiara Ferragni, that even if on stage she behaved like a real lady, in private she decided to make her husband pay for the hot kiss given to Rosa Chemical.

Not only that: according to some sources close to the couple, Chiara Ferragni “would also be black” because the husband, right during the final of Sanremo 2023, stole her limelight by overshadowing her pro-women messages and the meaning of the worn clothes.

Will it be true? What is certain is that, the Fedez's hot kiss to Rosa Chemical, upset her a lot, but the rapper, instead of apologizing to his wife, as is his style, threw her a new provocation: shortly after the end of Sanremo, on his Instagram profile, has in fact published a photo in which you can see it kiss J-Ax in front of an amazement DJ Jad!

Will they be able to solve or the 73 Festival of Sanremo represented for them the end of their story and their marriage? We'll see, what is certain is that, in the next few days, we will still hear about the Ferragnez.

The truth revealed at the special The Ferragnez on Sanremo

The whole truth about Chiara Ferragni and Fedez will be revealed in the special “The Ferragnez – San Remo Special” aired on Prime Video. The special will be launched on the 14 September 2023 and finally the public will be able to find out what happened between the couple in the backstage of the famous italian festival and in their life.

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