Chiara Ferragni and Fedez fight over the kiss with Rosa Chemical: video


Il kiss between Rosa Chemical and Fedez is already on everyone's lips. Many talk about a perfectly prepared scene, given that Chemical has the habit of kissing people, we don't know the reality but we know that Fedez seemed very surprisedbut especially his wife Chiara Ferragni it remained quite a while upset.

The kiss between Fedez and Rosa Chemical

Remembering for a moment what happened, Pink Chemical during his performance he first twerked on Fedez's attribute sitting in the audience and then he has it kissed with great passion so much that he even sticks his tongue in it (it would seem). Fedez has reciprocated the kiss, perhaps to make it even more spectacular. Ferragni later said she was shocked, but later she laughed and said she had a "bonus lemon" to play with someone to then be even.

The anger of Chiara Ferragni

During the dealer, however, someone has again Fedez and Chiara Ferragni while they had one discussion just about the kiss.

Fedez seems to want explain to his wife who, however, does not seem to want to listen. Amadeus then take both of them behind the scenes. We don't know what happened, but Ferragni was certainly quite upset by this now famous kiss.

Update: video in which Fedez cries after the quarrel

He's shooting a video tik tok that speaks of Fedez which has the very shiny eyes after the quarrel in advertising had with Chiara Ferragni, his wife, due to the now historic kiss with Pink Chemical. We do not know, however, if Fedez is crying for this reason.

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