Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo 2023 with the writing "Think Free"

Among the great novelties of this Festival we certainly have the presence of Chiara Ferragni, the well-known influencer who for the first time accepted the invitation of Amadeus. In the past years, in fact, you have always refused to attend Sanremo. But this year something has changed and she has decided to accept.

Chiara Ferragni made her entrance at the Sanremo Festival 2023. Amadeus and Gianni Morandi present the very young note on which the lights come on. The girl introduces herself shoulders with a dress on which there is written a sentence: "think free".

The manifest dress:

When we started thinking about the outfits for the two evenings of @Sanremorai we immediately understood that we didn't want clothes just because they were eccentric or pretentiously beautiful, but we felt the need to bring a social message to the most popular stage in Italy, also through fashion.

The manifesto dress that kicks off the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival is the result of a conversation between us, @mariagraziachiuri artistic director of @dior@racheleregini and Fulvia Carnevale by the artistic duo Claire Fontaine @foreignerseverywhere .

The result is a heritage-inspired black silk corolla dress @dior and completed by the stole-poster with the slogan “Pensati libera” embroidered on it. The simple yet strong words come from a work by Claire Fontaine that we hope will inspire all women to feel free to step out of the role that has been imposed on them by society.

An awareness of Chiara Ferragni herself who struggles not to be pigeonholed in a space identified for her by the patriarchy, and also a promise she makes to herself every day as she struggles not to have to feel guilty about her success as a woman. “Pensati libera” is dedicated to all women who simply want to feel like themselves without being judged.

Un black dress signed Dior accompanied by a white stole on which this phrase is affixed which probably symbolizes her desire to feel free beyond all the judgments that rain down on her and her family on a daily basis. But above all a quote for all women who want to feel free to be.

It will be Chiara Ferragni who will present the third singer in the competition, Mr Rain with his song "Superheroes".

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