Sanremo Festival 2023: why won't Beppe Vessicchio be there?

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The Sanremo 2023 Festival, the 73rd edition of the musical event, has now arrived. Music week, which will take place from 7 to 11 February 2023, will attract music fans from all over the boot, yet one piece of news has disappointed many fans: maestro Beppe Vessicchio will not be present on the Ariston stage this year.

His absence, in fact, has recently been confirmed.

The reasons behind the choice of Vessicchio

Vessicchio, in fact, declared that he will have no role as conductor for the Sanremo Festival, which among other things will be hosted for the fourth consecutive time by Amadeus.
The 66-year-old conductor explained that his decision to "step away” from the Ariston stage is nothing new, since already in 2022 he was only present for “le Vibrazioni” due to the long-standing bond with Francesco Sarcina and the esteem for Elio and le Storie tese, moreover the contagion with Covid put his participation at risk even for that edition.

The partnership with Amazon Music

However, Vessicchio has found a way to be present in Sanremo in an "alternative" way (even if in the end it went anyway). Indeed, this year will participate in a podcast for Amazon Music entitled "Italians do Hits Better".

In this PodCast he will interview the competing artists and tell the Festival with anecdotes and memories of its most special moments. He also personally curated the playlist”Maestro Vessicchio conducts the orchestra” which is already available always on Amazon Music.

Unfortunately, Vessicchio's absence on stage at the Sanremo Music Festival has caused great disappointment for his most devoted fans, who knows how The Jackal will react.

A big surprise: Beppe Vessicchio in the fourth episode of Sanremo 2023

During the fourth episode of Sanremo 2023, Beppe vessicchio he entered the Festival to conduct the orchestra during the song of Conjure e Arisa. Together, during the evening of duets, they performed in "Paradise destination".

The Festival had the honor of having the great Beppe Vessicchio on stage.

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