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FantaSanremo is a game that recalls the famous fantasy football. To participate, you must join a league and create your own team, but be warned: you can join a maximum of 5 leagues and have one team for each.

To play it is essential to follow the live coverage of the Sanremo Festival 2023, if you can't connect your tv you can use your smart devices or follow it in streaming on RaiPlay.

How to play and how FantaSanremo works

Your team will be composed from 5 competing artists at the Sanremo Festival 2023. You will choose these artists with a budget of 100 Baudi, or the game currency, a very clear reference to Pippo Baudo, historical presenter of the Festival.

During the Festival, your team will accumulate or lose points automatically based on the performances of your selected artists and ad surprise actions made by them. For example, dropping the microphone will give a 20 point advantage, while dropping the toupee will result in a 25 point loss.

The scoring system has many bonus and malus opportunities, so be careful.
The complete list is available on the regulation page.

What is the goal of FantaSanremo

The goal of the game, trivially, is score more points than the other players.

At the end of the Festival, the FantaSanremo rankings will be finalized and you will be able to see how many points you have scored with your teams. If you're good and lucky enough, one of your teams just might win his league.

What you win with FantaSanremo

Victory does not reward with money or direct prizes, but only with "Eternal glory“, as reported on the FantaSanremo website. However, some sponsor brands of the project offer special prizes for the top finishers of their competitions, i.e. those related to their leagues.

Some examples:

How to register for FantaSanremo

The most banal way to sign up for FantaSanremo 2023 is visit the official website and click on PLAY..
It cannot be accessed via app for the simple reason that there isn't one, but the site is perfectly responsive and adapts itself to your device.

You can register quickly with logins Google o Facebook, that they will take care of all account creation, or you can create an account normally using email and password.

Registration closes at 23pm on Monday 59 February 6.

Once registered, choose a username, upload your photo and start building your team!

How the FantaSanremo team is created

As soon as you have completed the registration, you will be able to create your own team by participating in a league. The process is very simple:

  • Just select an open league
  • Choose the 5 artists you want to include in your team
  • Confirm your selection

To create the team close attention must be paid to the budget of 100 Baudi, which is awarded for each individual team. The Baudi, as already mentioned, represent the game credits and each participating artist has a different cost, so the budget must be spent extremely carefully.

In detail, as soon as you log in, the system will ask you to play.

After activation you will need to subscribe to the Global League, i.e. the one in which all players participate. By clicking on the button you can create your first team.

All you need to do is attach an image to use as its icon and then a team name, we used Beppe Vessicchio.

How to add singers to a team

Once the team has been created, it will be fed with singers, each singer will have a cost and you will have to insert 5, not one less, not one more.

Beware of the budget available it is only 100 baud, therefore, for example, you will not be able to insert 5 artists whose cost is 21 baudi because you would go over budget.

At this point you just need to click or tap on the 5 artists to create the team, but that's not all.

Captain's choice

When you have finished creating the team you will have to choose the captain from the artists you have selected.

What is the advantage in choosing the Captain?

Simple! The captain can earn you extra points with certain actions or events assigned only to him.

Can I change the team later?

Absolutely yes, you can always change the team in every detail, from the name, to the image up to the artists present.

How to join other Leagues

In addition to the global league there are many other leagues to participate in, some of these managed by sponsors who will allow you to win prizes offered by them.

To register, simply return to the command dashboard and from there click on the + to register, or create, for further leagues.

A search and selection mask will appear, through which you can search for your friends' leagues or select one of the existing ones on the screen.

Above you will find those of the sponsors.

Once the league is selected, you will be able to create the related team as you have already done with the Global League.

Unfortunately it will also be necessary to reload the image, it is not possible to resume the one already loaded.

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