Giovanni Truppi and Vinicio Capossela in Sanremo: they sing De Andrè in the evening of the covers

Giovanni Truppi and Vinicio Capossela

Giovanni Truppi continues to be the protagonist of the Sanremo Festival, but this time he will not perform with his song "Your Father, My Mother, Lucia"Because he will participate in the cover evening duet with Vinicio Capossela.

Tonight February 4, 2022 will take the stage with Capossela and will stage a great masterpiece of our music: "In my hour of freedom”By Fabrizio De Andrè, taken from the album“ Story of an employee ”.

Recall that the Neapolitan singer-songwriter is on his side first experience in Sanremo and this evening will be a further springboard for his career, which has already been going on for several years. He has already won one of the critics' awards, the MEI award voted by journalists.

The collaboration with Capossela

Both Truppi and Capossela they cannot be considered representative characters of the Festival: the first because it is at its first participation and has a very indie soul that is generally not typical of this event; the second also because he has never participated in it and we could almost consider him a rookie.

For Truppi to do this duet means giving even more value to his entire career achieved so far, a career that has always focused on songwriting and indie. Doing it also by interpreting a piece by De Andrè has an even deeper meaning considering that Faber was one of the most important Italian songwriters.

The collaboration with Vinicio Capossela was born from Giovanni Truppi's desire to be able to sing with this great artist and doing it with this song by Faber, always loved by Capossela himself, seemed the perfect opportunity. Also, just Capossela was struck by Truppi's personal interpretation of "In my hour of freedom".

The song was chosen by the Neapolitan singer-songwriter for the meaning it conveys and because, he declared, he feels represented by it. As De Andrè also said, we are all involved, but also connected between us and

if a person is hungry it is because someone else took his piece of bread (metaphorically) and the fact that you try to survive, even by stealing, seems to me the most normal thing in the world

Photo source: Rockon

Giovanni Truppi's career

Our Neapolitan singer-songwriter was born in 1981 and has already released the following albums and EPs:

  • There is a me inside of me (2010)
  • The world is as you put it in your head (2013)
  • Giovanni Truppi (2015)
  • Piano Solo (2017)
  • Poetry and civilization (2019)
  • the EP 5 with the collaboration of big names: Niccolò Fabi, The Representative of Lista, Brunori Sas and Calcutta

Speaking of this last EP, it came out in combination with a book with the same title, also written by Truppi, which tells a story comic story.

The new album

Just today 4 February his new album finally comes out, entitled "All the Universe”And which also contains the song presented in Sanremo.

There will be 15 songs already known by Truppi, so it is a collection who will tell us about his career through his most representative songs.

Cover photo source: Gabriele Minelli

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