Sanremo 2023, Madame arrested outside the Ariston: but it's fake news

madame on the stage of the ariston in san remo

That even this edition of Sanremo has not been free from controversy, see the first day with Blanco, it is an established fact although, perhaps compared to previous years, things have flowed more moderately.

Evidently some users were not enough and that's how fake news started spreading, among these one concerns Madame.

The controversy over the Green pass and the "arrest" for fake vaccines

A news that, let's start with, turned out to be absolutely false and totally unrealistic, it seems to involve the singer Madame. It is not yet clear where this fake news originated, but there are various users on TikTok to talk about it and, fortunately, there are as many users who report it as false.

It seems that both are involved in the fake news Anna Oxa is Mrs., we talk about a litigation born between the two because of question of the fake vaccine of Madame and that an uproar was born from there. For reasons not clarified by the author of the news, Madame would have been arrested outside the theater at the end of the quarrel.

As already mentioned nothing more false, not only the arrest never happened but neither does the quarrel.

Madame will be able to continue her climb to the Sanremo ranking.

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