Sanremo 2023, Blanco destroys the stage, what happened: video

Blanco is one of the winners of Sanremo who, as you will remember, triumphed in the last edition together with Mahmood with the song "Chills”. This year she also comes to the Festival to sing the piece from her single “Lisland of roses".

But as soon as he starts singing something wrong, the young man repeatedly touches the cap and indicates a malfunction. He tries to carry on in the song, but at one point he's forced to stop and start giving i's kick all the flowers present on stage, visibly annoyed.

Blanco still tries to go ahead, but the singer continues to report audio problems and in the meantime he resumes the destruction of flower arrangements making the unseemly stage.

The song ends, then Amadeus takes the stage for understand what happened and above all because he got so “angry”.

The public against Blanco: boos and accusations

The public reaction, however, "punished" the singer with boos and signs of dissent. Even the announcer he is quite thrilled by the reaction of the singer who destroyed all the flowers, saying "You made a mess my son".

Blanco also specified that destroyed flower arrangements why not going the audio thought of have fun in another way. This response further angered the audience and they continued to boo.

Amadeus then gives the singer the chance to resing at the end of the evening, but not everyone agrees... not even Fiorello. The presenter Amadeus also compares what happened to what happened with Bugo and Morgan.

Amadeus proposes to have it sung again, but then takes it up again

Initially, the announcer very embarrassed he proposes to the singer Blanco di perform again at the end of the evening. The boy accepts, apparently superficially. But the public doesn't want it and not even Fiorello seems willing to let him sing again. After the commercial, Amedeus thinks about it announces that Blanco will not sing again.

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