Cousins ​​from Campagna vs Maneskin: that's why the clash

I Countryside cousins and Moonlight have been at the center of a controversy in recent weeks that originated about a year ago, but has now revived over their participation in Sanremo 2023.

Country Cousins ​​have accused the band dthe Damiano Davids to have copied theirs cool during a performance in the United States, before the Rolling Stones. The question was ironized by I Cugini di Campagna who covered the winning song of Sanremo and Eurovision Song Contest "Shut up and Good" by Måneskin on several occasions.

Ivano, one of the members of Cousins ​​of Campagna, said he admire the Måneskin and to see his own in them youth and his path to success.

However, it's important to point out that the tone of these statements should be taken with a grain of salt irony and that both bands are just trying to attract attention on them. In any case, music and art have always been a source of inspiration and reworking, and that only reinforces their prominence in popular culture.

The "clash" in Sanremo 2023

The discussion was also resumed at the Festival, in fact, in the pre-Sanremo campaign the Cousins ​​of Campagna stated that their look is original and inimitable, but then they also stated that theirs is only irony.

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