Beppe Vessicchio is positive for Covid, participation in Sanremo is at risk

Beppe vessicchio
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Update: the Maestro has recovered and will be able to be in Sanremo conducting the orchestra for the piece of Le Virbazioni.


Il Neapolitan master Beppe Vessicchio it turned out positive for Covid, so his participation in the Sanremo Festival is still in doubt.

Fortunately it's not bad and has only a few mild symptoms, such as hoarseness, but until it tests negative for the swab he will not be able to go neither to rehearse nor to participate in the Festival, where eventually there will be a replacement.

Already to carry out the tests with The Vibrations, declared Vessicchio himself, was sent another conductor and at the moment we are already working to understand who would definitively replace him for the Ariston.

We reiterate, however, that at the moment the Master is fine and expects to negativize itself, hoping that it will happen in time, that is, for 1 February, the starting day of the Sanremo Festival.

Beppe vessicchio

You also get infected in the orchestra and choir

With the widespread use of the Omicron variant, contagion was almost inevitable even among some members of the orchestra and above all of the choir.

In this case, in fact, inevitably the tests are carried out without a mask and in any case of positivity to Covid it is necessary that all the members remain at home in quarantine and that the subsequent rehearsals are made with a new choir.

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