Luca Carboni in concert in Naples at the Nabilah Club (Bacoli)

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Luca Carboni concert Nabilah

The singer-songwriter and musician Luca Carboni will perform live at the Nabilah Club in Bacoli

Summer concerts at Nabilah they are not finished yet! For the return to the city of all the Neapolitans, the enchanting club located on the shores of Lake Fusaro will host the live of the Bolognese singer-songwriter and musician Luca Carboni, the next 8 September 2013 at 21.

The concert will anticipate the release of the next album by Luca Carboni, Entitled Physicist & Politician, a work that celebrates thirty years of career with three unpublished and reinterpretations of old successes reproposed in collaboration with artists such as Samuele Bersani, Elisa Toffoli to Cesare Cremonini, from Miguel Bosè to Fabri Fibra, with probable duets with Jovanotti, Eros Ramazzotti, Biagio Antonacci and Malika Ayane.

In the meanwhile, Luca Carboni will cheer up all his fans by retracing old and new hits, with the most intimate and thoughtful melodies and lyrics of our musical panorama, as Sea Sea, It takes a beastly physique, Butterfly, Free to go, Silvia you know e It does not end the world.

Information on the Luca Carboni concert

When: Sunday 8 September 2013 21 hours

Price tickets:

  • Unique standing place: 20 euro
  • Unique seat to sit: 30 euro

Where: Nabilah Club of Bacoli

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