Lucio Dalla on display at the Mann in Naples: photos and information

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On Saturday 4 March the Lucio Dalla exhibition was officially presented in Naples at the MANN (National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

80 years ago an artist was born who both made the history of music and contributed to making Neapolitan culture even more rich in value. We are talking about Lucio Dalla and its exhibition “Lucio Dalla and his dream of being Neapolitan” which will arrive in Naples at the MANN (National Archaeological Museum of Naples) from March 4th to June 25th 2023.

The exhibition dedicated to Lucio Dalla

Lucio Dalla marked in a unique and indelible way history of the Italian music scene, winning everyone's heart. There show-event has the objective of "telling" the entire chuman amine and artistry of the singer-songwriter through precise objects.

The sections and objects present

The exhibition is divided into various sections which organize the life, love and passion of the artist in a way that allows visitors to fully understand his personality and his art. The prepared sections are:

  • His music
  • Family-Childhood-Friendships-Musical beginnings
  • Dalla talks about it
  • The clarinet
  • Dalla and Naples
  • The cinema
  • Theater
  • The television
  • Dalla and Roversi
  • Universe From
  • The Lucio Dalla museum

The exhibit will take visitors through elements ed objects important of Lucio Dalla like papers, photographs, record covers, videos, personal items, morals from stage, movie posters in which he took part, posters advertisements and a large collection of hats e caps.

Lucio Dalla's love for the city of Naples

It is no coincidence that Naples celebrates the great and immortal singer-songwriter on his 80th birthday, but remembers him above all for the contribution unforgettable that he donated to the city.

Lucio Dalla, born in Bologna, has always expressed a great love for Napoli. He perceived the city as a universe of colours, folklore and beauty so much that he approached and studied it Neapolitan language and get passionate about melodic music Neapolitan.

The meeting with Murolo and the Caruso song

During her career, Dalla has had the honor of playing with big names in world music, but she confessed that her most exciting meeting was with Roberto Murolo which made him understand the beauty of Neapolitan music.

Dalla wrote a masterpiece in honor of Enrico Caruso, entitled "Caruso“, when he was stuck in Sorrento in the suite where the tenor had stayed. And it is here that he found the inspiration to write one song which represents a declaration of love for Naples and for Neapolitan music.

“I was born in Bologna but that day the stork that brought me must have been blind“

  • Where: Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • When: from Saturday 04 March 2023 to Sunday 25 June 2023
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