Places for children in Naples: what to do from 8 to 12 years

Places and activities for children aged 8 to 12 in Naples
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The activities and places not to be missed in Naples for children from 8 to 12 years among water parks, nature, museums and jousting.

I children from 8 to 12 years in Naples they can easily have fun in parks in nature, water parks, rides and with activities in museums.

Naples is, in fact, a city full of interesting things to visit, activities to try or just walks and places to discover. But if you wanted to spend a day with the kids?

Here is a selection of the best places and the best activities to do with children from 8 to 12 years divided into outdoor activities, cultural activities and water activities.

We recommend checking, through the contacts of the chosen place, dates and any regulations not listed in the article for the sake of brevity.

We also report our articles on places for children from 0 to 3 years and for children from 4 to 7 years.[toc][adsense-responsive]

Outdoor fun

Naples Zoo

Lo Naples zoo it has recently been renovated and areas divided by habitat have been introduced where new native and exotic species have been introduced. Children can learn curiosities and secrets about the animals of the zoo and they can interact with animals on the educational farm. The zoo has also been built to have a botanical diversification that children can explore.

It is also pleasant to walk through the avenues of the zoo and reach the various relaxation areas such as restaurants, rides or the chalet of the zoo.Address: Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy 76 - 80125 Naples Official site[adsense-square]

Racecourse of Agnano

THERacecourse of Agnano organizes events for children and families on the day of racing so as to combine competitive activities with needs for relaxation and play.
Thanks to large green spaces children can play outdoors with bikes, skates, scooters and ball in complete safety, as well as being able to play in the equipped playground.

There is also a hippotherapy center which organizes courses and activities of hippotherapy, equestrian rehabilitation and vaulting on a sand court with ponies and horses with support from doctors, instructors and animators. Often there are special themed events, perhaps connected to a holiday or season.Address: Via Raffaele Ruggiero, 1, 80125 Naples NA Official site 

Adventure Park Mostra d'Oltremare Mixtreme

La Mostra D'Oltremare, in addition to the Zoo and the theater of the Piccoli, offers large green spaces accompanied by artificial lake Fasilides, fountains, and an archaeological area to be explored.

In these areas suitable for families and children can explore and have fun thanks to trampolines, inflatables and air bubbles on the pool. This area, called Mixtreme, is also equipped with attractions for children and teenagers named Mixtreme, Jumping Frog and Water Ball.Address: entrance Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 54, 80125 Naples Official site[adsense-responsive]

Panda Park

Panda Park is located on the Posillipo Hill and is a playground suitable for children and teenagers of all ages. In the range under consideration, children can have fun with rides like the mini ferris wheel or with the autoscontro or on the tagada.

One is available food corner which has a wide selection of foods suitable for both children and their parents. Particular care has been taken also to the little ones who will be able to relax in the special areas while the children play safely.

Address: Viale Virgilio, 10 / bis, 80123 Naples Official site

Giardinetti Ruoppolo - Parco Mascagna

Parco Mascagna, also known as i Giardinetti of Via Ruoppolo, although not very large, offers many ideas for the game or for sport at Vomero.

There are some basketball pitches freely usable and an athletic route with indications suitable for the 8-12 age group to do both alone and in pairs. There is also a skating and skate track.
In the center of the gardens there is one carousel with horses and cars that rotate. It is also nice to rest in the cool on one of the benches that surround the fountain or one of the seats in the trees.Address: Via Giambattista Ruoppolo, 89 – 80128 Naples[adsense-quadrata]

Villa Floridiana

La Floridiana is one beautiful green lung at the Centro del Vomero where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the gulf.
In the 2017, some have been inaugurated giostrine by the Rotaract which include the swing, the slide, the rocking chair and the two seahorses. In addition to merry-go-rounds it is pleasant walk in the villa and discover the lakes where they have been living for years turtles and goldfishes.

During the summer and spring it is not unusual to find sport or yoga initiatives on the lawns of the park, many times completely free.Address: via Domenico Cimarosa, 77-via Aniello Falcone, 171 - 80127 Naples

Real Bosco di Capodimonte

Il Real Bosco di Capodimonte surrounds the Museum of the same name and it extends beyond one hundred twenty hectares. Within these there is also a garden recovery project, extended for more over two thousand square meters and a small nursery with typical Neapolitan crops. There are many buildings scattered in the park, among small villas once princes of cottages for hunting.

They are available well seven routes to visit it, all listed on the Bosco site, and are passable whether by bike or on foot. Near the Palace there are places where it is possible rest or play and a part of these is also open to the pets.

It is possible to visit the park on a historic buggy with a paid service outside the management of the Real Site.Address: Via Miano, 4, 80145 Naples[adsense-responsive]

Virgilian Park

Il Virgilian park It is built with one terraced structure, located on an area of ​​92.000 square meters and is located in a strategic position that allows you to enjoy an unsurpassed view of the islet of Nisida and Pozzuoli.

The little ones can play on giostrine or they can go in bicycle in the upper part of the park where the slope is not prohibitive. The older ones will be able to bring them shoes and use the free skating ring.
In addition to the merry-go-rounds and the track, there are kiosks and an athletics sports facility. They are often organized free meetings or courses of yoga or other disciplines.Address: Viale Virgilio - 80123 Naples

Villa Comunale

La Villa Comunale Naples is a green lung just steps from the beautiful seafront and is one of the historic gardens of the city.

Children can play free and safe carrying bicycles or scooters in the kilometer outside of the villa which is surrounded by a vast garden with Mediterranean bush trees and various architectural monuments.
One is also present skating rink and swings. In the municipal villa you can access the Anton Dorhn zoological station and discover with a guided tour the secrets of marine fauna and flora.

Address: Piazza Vittoria - 80121 Naples. There are also other entrances along the entire perimeter of the Villa Official site


Botanical Garden

THEBotanical Garden of Naples it was founded in the early nineteenth century and since then has kept its magnificent collection of plants open during the opening hours.
There are many initiatives housed in the avenues of the garden and many of these are dedicated to children, between fairy tales, didactics and creative workshops. In spring, for example, the Spring Fairy Tale event takes place, which aims to involve children in stories through a theatricalization of stories.

If you book the visit you can explore one of the oldest gardens in Europe which has 25.000 specimens distributed in an area of ​​about 12 hectares.Address: Via Foria 223 - 80139 Naples Official site


The CELP, Centro Cavallo Lago Patria, boasts athirty years experience in the equitation and organization of events related to the world of horses.

The Center organizes splendid events suitable walks on horseback suitable for everyone. For children from 7 years on it will be possible to take riding lessons, so as to learn to ride and respect nature and horses. Hippotherapy is considered a true panacea both for the body and for the mind.
Not just riding, but also events and seasonal parties like the Pony Festival to know and admire these animals.Address: Via Domitiana, 33 - 80014 Giugliano in Campania (Naples) Official site.[adsense-responsive]

Lido Varca D'Oro

The Lido Varca D'Oro in Varcaturo organizes events for children almost all year round.
Within the complex the little ones can play in the Pineta del lido or at Teod'Oro Pineta Park, agreen area outdoors with a playground for children.

Not just jousts, but also a service of Prestigioco thanks to which it will be possible to choose toys and borrow them. In the age group considered there is the junior club with many activities and many prizes.

Address: Via Orsa Maggiore, 80014 Castel Volturno (Caserta) Official site


Water fun


Ditellandia is the first water park also open to dogs and provides an area completely dedicated to them.

In addition to the dog area, the park is divided into one aquatic part where children will find pools and slides for their age, such as the Laguna Baby suitable up to the 12 years or the mini anaconda, and a part of amusement park with trampolines, swings, slides, inflatables and electric rides.
In addition to the playground there are relaxation areas with barbeque, picnic areas, animation and baby club, all included in the admission ticket price.Address: SS7qtr var, 18 - 81034 Pescopagano CE, 81034 Mondragone Official site[adsense-responsive]

Lido Cristallo

The Lido Cristallo in Varcauro has an extension of more than five thousand square meters and has several areas. In addition to the equipped beach and bar service, there is aplayground on the sand where children can play with slides, swings and houses.

If you are passionate about sand sports, the beach is equipped with avolley area with suitable networks where you can play with friends or family.Address: Via Marina di Varcaturo, 22 - 81030 Giugliano in Campania NA) Official site[adsense-square]

Lido Cala Felice

Lido Cala Felice is located on the coast of Pozzuoli and was built with the needs of families in mind. For those with children there is a 'dedicated area where there are no sunbeds between the first row and the sea, to allow access to the water without problems and to control children in comfort.

Furthermore, for children there is access to afree play area with slides and houses, a snack bar and agreen area.Address: Via Fiumitello II - 81030 Locality Mezzagni - Castel Volturno (Caserta) Official site

Cultural fun

City of Science

A City of Science children can learn while having fun thanks to interactive museums and the Little Workshop.

Surrounded by greenery and a few steps from the sea, Città della Scienza, in March 2017, has inaugurated Corporea, the first interactive museum in Europe dedicated to the human body that allows children to interact with multimedia installations or to follow the educational workshops available both in Italian and in English.
In addition to Corporea was opened a 3D Planetarium where you can observe, with the expert guidance of astronomers, the stars and the planets on a suggestive dome that reproduces the sky.Address: Via Coroglio, 57 and 104 - 80124 Naples Official site[adsense-responsive]

Mother Museum

Il Donnaregina Museum of Contemporary Art organizes free special activities on weekends called "families to the mother"With the aim of bringing families and young people closer to the art world.

Each event is based on a theme and is divided into a didactic part, ie one guided tour to a part of the exhibition connected to the chosen theme with one of the museum guides, and a part of the workshops where the museum guides propose construction and processing activities of the event theme with manual chores or drawings.Address: Via Luigi Settembrini, 79 - 80139 Naples Official site

PAN - Palace of the Arts of Naples

Il PAN, Palazzo dei arti di Napoli, starting from September 2017 introduces the PAN Kids project.

In this project are planned educational workshops, ludic-creative, artistic, experiential for children and preadolescents.
Special rooms have been added to the Museum, such as the rooms of the Art in Opera, where children can interact with art, discovering its potential and competing with the activities offered by the educational associations of the city.Address: Via dei Mille, 60 - 80121 Naples Official site[adsense-square]

Astronomical Observatory

The Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory organizes the astrokid days of disclosure, specially prepared for an audience between 7 and 10 years.

Each day will have a different theme that the Observatory astronomers will present to the children, making him discover the curiosities and mysteries of the cosmos. At the end of each meeting there will be theobservation of the sun through telescopes, weather permitting.Address: Salita Moiariello, 16 - 80131 Naples Official site

Theater of the Little

The Teatro dei Piccoli is an initiative carried out by three Neapolitan realities very close to the culture of children: Le Nuvole - Casa de Contemporaneo, I Teatrini and Progetto Sonora.

It is located in the Mostra D'Oltremare, surrounded by greenery, and is equipped with 450 seats and one snack and game space in the dedicated pine forest. Programming, designed for one healthy musical, artistic and theatrical growth of children, includes more 40 shows to which are added laboratories, special projects and a theater review created by the classes.
The location of the Teatro dei Piccoli is completely accessible even for anyone with mobility difficulties.Address: Via Marco Polo, 200, 80125 Naples Official site

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