Little Explorers discovering the Vergiliano Park in Piedigrotta

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Sunday 2 July, at 11.00, the third round of will be held NarteA dedicated to childhood, with the project “Little explorers discover…”. This time, the event will take place at Parco Vergiliano in Piedigrotta, a place rich in history and legends, linked to two great poets, Virgilio and Leopardi, and to the traditional Piedigrotta Festival.

A journey through history and legends

Participants will have the opportunity to transform into true explorers, discovering the places through direct reconnaissance and noting their discoveries in a playbook of recreational activities. This booklet will be their logbook, where they can report what they have learned, having fun and stimulating their imagination.

The Poet Tells: a journey into Parco Vergiliano

The event “The poet tells” will lead little explorers into the unique atmosphere of Parco Vergiliano in Piedigrotta. During the route, children will have the opportunity to visit a Roman columbarium, traditionally believed to be the tomb of the poet Virgil, and the tomb of Giacomo Leopardi. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the Piedigrotta Festival, considered the "Neapolitan carnival", will be recalled.

Ludic-Recreational Activities

During the visit, little explorers will have the opportunity to participate in various recreational activities.
Between these:

  • the creation of stickers,
  • solving easy crossword puzzles
  • creating designs to express their creativity.

Upcoming events

After the summer break, the project "Little explorers discover..." will resume on September 24 at the Lapis Museum with “The moon in the well”.
On this occasion, children will have the opportunity to explore the bowels of the city in search of the characters who inhabit the Neapolitan subsoil.

How to book a visit

The reservation is simple but compulsory, simply contact the numbers 339.7020849 e 333.3152415 reporting the number of adults and children participating.
We remind you that adults will only pay the entrance ticket to the archaeological site.

In this article:
  • Where: Virgilian Park
  • When: Sunday 02 July 2023, from 11 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Single child entrance: €15
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