Places for children in Naples: what to do from 0 to 3 years

Places and activities for children aged 0 to 3 in Naples
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The best activities and places for children from 0 to 3 years in Naples to play in summer among water parks, rides and nature.

In Naples, children from 0 to 3 years they have numerous places to have fun in the summer among water parks, merry-go-rounds and nature.

In every season in the city there are structures and events to make the little ones happy, but summer is the best time to take advantage of these places to spend unforgettable hours to the children.

So, even for children in the age group from 0 to 3 years there is no lack of play activities in contact with nature and to have fun with the family in dedicated facilities and in the indispensable water parks.

Between Zoo, Racecourse, Bosco di Capodimonte, the Pareo Park, Ditellandia, the numerous giostrine in the city and many others, children will never be bored.

Here are our tips not to be missed, remembering that there are also many places for people children from 4 to 7 years e children from 8 to 12 years.[toc][adsense-responsive]

Outdoor fun


One of the first experiences that all families want to live with very young children is definitely the visit to the Zoo. In Naples, the structure has been restored a few years ago and is often enriched with areas for new animals that are hosted. Ideal for parents with small children in tow to have them first important contact with animals and nature, walking in the park both outside and inside and also near the beautiful artificial lake. Moreover, they can often also attend the nice moments when the staff feeds the animals.

For the whole month of July 2017, theadmission is free for children.Address: Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy 76 - 80125 Naples Official site

Racecourse of Agnano

Inside theRacecourse of Agnano there are aequipped green area and a park with rides. The structure is always open and parents can take the children to spend a few hours isolated from the chaos outside and let them play in the rides suitable for the very small. Access is price quotation and they can carry with them balloons, bicycles and have fun on the lawn in complete safety. Every Sunday morning, however, games and other activities are organized for children and families as well pony rides.Address: Via Raffaele Ruggiero, 1, 80125 Naples Official site[adsense-square]

Gioppine Giardini Ruoppolo - Mascagna Park

The Ruoppolo Gardens are a reference point for families at Vomero and, especially at weekends, they are very popular for their giostrine and the spaces in which children can play. Even the youngest children of 2 or 3 can easily have fun in between swings, slides and other attractions suitable for their age. There are also spaces in the shade to shelter from the summer sun, but if you go in the second afternoon it will certainly be cooler.

Address: Via Giambattista Ruoppolo, 89 - 80128 Naples

Wood of Capodimonte

Il Wood of Capodimonte it is the green space par excellence to do walks, especially for parents who have very young children and seek an oasis to walk with the buggy or walk. With its 124 hectares and the 5 main avenues it is ideal for relaxing outdoors far from the smog. Unfortunately there are no areas equipped with games and rides, but they can also be done cycling routes in the family or stop on one of the many meadows and let the little ones play. It is the largest and most beautiful green area of ​​Naples with its 400 and over variety of ancient trees and the many flowers and plants.
You can not introduce balls or other games and we advise you to consult the rules of the Forest for all the details.

Address: Via Miano, 4, 80145 Naples[adsense-responsive]

Virgilian Park

Even in this park you can do long walks in the green and already the long avenue Virgilio that leads to the entrance, with the trees that border it, is pleasant to go. Inside are present two areas equipped with rides and an area also suitable for children up to 3 years. Here are some colored structures in the shape of a train, small swings and some slides in which the little ones can have fun with their parents or their little friends. In Virgilian Park you can also ride a bike and take a stroll through the numerous avenues between plants and flowers, until you reach the Belvedere.

Address: Viale Virgilio, 80123 Naples

Park of the Camaldoli

Il Urban Park of the Camaldoli it is more out of the way than the other parks and green areas of the city, but it is a very large area with its 135 hectares. Inside there are play areas equipped with slide, swing and spring toys where families can safely bring even the youngest children to play. The park is famous for the presence of dozens of chestnut trees and is one of the the most beautiful panoramic spots in the city being on the Hill of Camaldoli about 450 meters, the highest point of Naples.

Address: Viale S. Ignazio di Loyola – 80131 Naples[adsense-quadrata]

Villa Comunale

La Villa Comunale it is one of the most fascinating places because it borders the Lungomare and you can take walks with children in buggy or turn them around cycling in the various avenues. From April 2016, at the entrance of Piazza Vittoria, a play area has been opened with numerous rides suitable also for children up to 3 years with caged seats, but there are also colored tubes, slides and a minitunnel. Most of the rides are new, while some are old structures redeveloped and today make the Villa a place to play.Address: Piazza Vittoria - 80121 Naples. There are also other entrances along the entire perimeter of the Villa

Villa Floridiana and carousels

The large green areas of the Floridiana they are a good alternative for walking in the cool with buggies. For children who have already started walking there is the large central green lawn where they can have fun while running, while from April 2017 there are also some rides with a slide. From the Belvedere, moreover, you can admire a beautiful view of the city and, still in that area, there is one fountain full of turtles and minnows that children can see swimming sympathetically. We remind you that it is not allowed to introduce balls, so we advise you to read the regulation outside to know all the restrictions.Address: Villa Floridiana, Via Domenico Cimarosa, 77 – 80127 Naples[adsense-responsive]

Water fun


Ditellandia is the Mondragone water park with numerous attractions and services. For younger children there are activities and pools dedicated, as the half-circle slide, the minivortice, the round pool of 1 mt, the boomber pool from 0,80 cm and the baby lagoon with slide. There is also a fun one kids club with entertainment, the barbecue and a baby bottle to spend beautiful summer days. From the 2015 is also expected Dog Park in which dogs have access and can play in the pool and even sunbathe, so families who have a little dog in tow can take it and have fun with the children.Address: SS7qtr var, 18 - 81034 Pescopagano CE, 81034 Mondragone Official site

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