Pareo Park, the former Magic World of Licola, when will it reopen? The date arrives

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The water park, initially called AcquaFlash and subsequently Magic World e Pareo Park had established himself as the playground a aquatic theme largest in southern Italy, rapidly gaining popularity. Within the park, there were areas for Catering and spaces of Verde. During the Christmas and Halloween holidays, they were held unique events, and was sometimes even hosted a circus. Not forgetting the hilarious foam party which were a favorite visitor attraction.

Unfortunately, due to a significant intervention by theASL Naples 2 North in 2019, the park had to close, starting a series of problems. But some interesting news finally arrives, the park will reopen in 2024.

News: AcquaFlash finally reopens in 2023

In 2024, Campania will welcome the reopening of the former Aquaflash in the municipality of Licola. The structure, which has experienced periods of closure, was purchased by Gianluca Vorzillo, known for managing Edenlandia. The aim is to renovate the area transforming it into a paradise of entertainment.

Why has Pareo Park closed?

In June 2019, after analysis by ASL Napoli 2 Nord, the presence of fecal bacteria ed chemical pollutants in an amount that exceeded the permitted limit, so much so as to lead to the immediate closure of the Pareo Park because the waters were no longer suitable for swimming.

The ASL had decided to intervene after the many reports of families, in fact about 150 children reported contact dermatitis in swimming pools structure.

Most cases of dermatitis occurred in children's pools, but quantities of bacteria and chemicals were also detected in other pools. above the maximum threshold. That year it reopened at the end of July, allowing for a few weeks of summer fun.

The following year, the 2020, unfortunately was struck by the consequences of the pandemic from Covid, like all sectors, and was unable to open. Also in the 2021 the doors remained closed.

Alternatives to Pareo Park

Let's not lose heart because there are several alternatives to the Pareo Park in Campania. Here are the water parks where children can have fun:

  • Ditellandia, in Via Domitiana km 25,900 81034 Mondragone (Caserta)
  • Free Time Aquapark, Via ex Aleati km 6.70 80014 Giugliano in Campania (Naples)
  • Bear Valley, Via Giovanni XXIII n.54 80059 Torre del Greco (Naples)
  • Happy Days Acquapark, Via Macello, 28 81028 Santa Maria a Vico (Caserta)
  • Jolly Park, Via San Ferdinando 81010 Dragoni (Caserta)
  • aqua farm, via Spineta Nuova 84091 Battipaglia (Salerno)
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