Manola with Nancy Brilli at the Acacia Theater in Naples

Manola with Nancy Brilli
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Il Acacia Theater of Naples will host from March 30 to April 2, 2023 “Manola“, a theatrical performance with Nancy Brilli e Clare Noschese as protagonists. Written by Margaret Mazzantini and directed by Leo Muscato, the drama tells the story of two twin sisters, Anemone and Ortensia, whose life is intertwined between contrasts and introspection.

The plot of "Manola": opposite twins in the same emotional hemisphere

Born seconds apart but on two different days, Anemone and Hydrangea they are completely different from each other. Anemone is sensual and irreverent, living life with enthusiasm and passion, while ORTENSIA it is a nocturnal, hairy and angry creature, always looking for revenge.

In an intriguing scenic game, the two sisters they turn to the same occult therapist, questioning their relationship and theirs love, as solid as hate. The drama develops through a whirlwind of emotions, laughter and introspection, with the figure of Manola, a mythical and invisible interlocutor, who represents the conscience of the protagonists.

"Manolaoffers one intense and moving insight of female intimacy, with the protagonists who confront each other, exchange and mingle in their respective existential roles. The text, unbridled and engaging, requires the stage presence of two formidable actresses, capable of expressing humanity in every single theatrical cell.

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