Marco di Costanzo bronze in Tokyo: the Spanish Quarters celebrate it

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Italy won the bronze medal in rowing four without July 28, 2021 at the Tokyo Olympics and three of our fellow Neapolitans were able to celebrate. In fact, Giuseppe Vicino, Marco DiCostanzo and Matteo Castaldo, Neapolitans, competed in the four without rowing race with the Lombard Matteo Lodo.

But one of them, specifically, will be celebrated on 5 August in the historic center of Naples, right in his Spanish Neighborhoods: is Marco DiCostanzo, who unexpectedly found himself on the podium because just before the final he was called to replace his companion Bruno Rosetti who tested positive at Covid.

For this reason, Marco, who was born in Spanish Neighborhoods, he brought with him a bit of our city in Japan, together with his companions. Naples still amazes and this vote did it with a medal!

We remember that they were many Neapolitans to participate in Tokyo 2020 and to have their say with their performance e Alessandro Sibilio qualified for the final of the 400 meters hurdles.

The joy of the Spanish Quarters

Naturally, the whole district of Naples, and beyond, celebrates the victory of the rowing boys and awaits with great impatience the return of Marco Di Costanzo in his Spanish Quarters, at the end of the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, the appointment is for Thursday August 5 for a "remote" party in his honor at 19.30 in the Rosario di Palazzo square.

Marco has already dedicated his medal to the unfortunate companion hit by Covid, a bad situation that allowed him to compete and also tomorrow evening a thought will go to Bruno Rossetti with a wish for a speedy recovery.

All the neighborhood residents and traders have been happy for days and exalt his great spirit of sacrifice and his talent. For everyone he is now a hero and tomorrow, even if from a distance, he will be a true king for everyone.

Victory at the Olympics

The race was that of rowing four without, as mentioned, and the Italian team took the bronze behind Australia (gold) and Romania (silver) arriving 84 cents from first place and 47 cents from second.

Photo source: Marco Di Costanzo Facebook page

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