Anti-Covid masks, goodbye to the obligation to wear them: the Green Pass remains in the hospital

Anti-covid mask
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From the 1 October 2022 there will be thefinal goodbye to anti-Covid masks because all restrictions on this will fall and will no longer be mandatory anywhere.

In fact, September 30 will be the last day on which the obligation to wear FFP2 masks will apply on public transport, i.e. buses, metro and trains, but also inside hospitals, medical clinics and RSA.

The other deadline will be the October 31 when the restrictions relating to safety protocols in the workplace will end, including measuring the temperature at the entrance and wearing a mask when distances cannot be maintained.

The obligation can be transformed into a recommendation

While it is true that all obligations will lapse, but the recommendations may remain alive because the danger deriving from the Coronavirus has not entirely passed.

The outgoing government has decided not to extend the obligation to wear the mask and probably not even the new government will, so the recommendations could arrive directly. It means it could be recommended to wear the mask where there are crowds, for example on public transport, but also in more delicate places such as hospitals.

At the moment they are hypotheses based on the latest arguments that are being made regarding the pandemic, so we just have to wait for the official decisions of the new government.

The Green Pass still remains in the hospital

We will say goodbye to masks in hospital, In medical surgeries and in RSa, but it will remain in effect until 31 December the obligation to show the Green Pass for health workers, patients and visitors.

It means that before entering these structures you will have to do the swab.

Photo credit: Denis Jung

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