Fifth dose of Covid vaccine in Campania: who can receive it and how to book

Covid vaccine
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From the 19 October 2022 in Campania is possible receive the fifth dose of the Covid vaccine, which is currently reserved only for certain categories of people.

It is not mandatory to receive it, but it is necessary to book in order to receive it and the booking it must be carried out online on the ad hoc platform of the Campania Region.

Let's see all the details together.

Who can receive the fifth dose of the vaccine

Currently, the fifth dose of vaccine can be given to:

  • over 80;
  • over 60 years with frailty motivated by concomitant / pre-existing pathologies who have already received a second booster dose with monovalent mRNA vaccine;
  • over 60 who have already received the fourth dose and want to do the fifth can receive the bivalent mRNA vaccine (against Omicron BA.1 and BA.4 and BA.5);
  • guests of residential facilities for the elderly.

Also, it can be done after 120 days from the fourth dose or 120 days after recovery if you are infected with the Coronavirus.

How to book the fifth dose

From 19 October you can book the fifth dose directly on Vaccine Membership platform by entering your tax code, your health card number and following the instructions.

The circular from the Ministry of Health explains why it is important

The Ministry of Health has issued a circular in which it explains that:

the current epidemiological context presents aincreased circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus contextual to the increase of the transmissibility index above the epidemic threshold. In order to achieve a further consolidation of the protection conferred by vaccines against severe forms of COVID-19, and in compliance with the principle of maximum precaution, an additional booster dose with a bivalent mRNA vaccine is recommended.

Covid vaccine and other vaccines: can they be had together?

The answer to this question is yes and, as the Ministry explains, administration is possible concomitant or at any time interval with other vaccines, including those based on the use of live attenuated pathogens. Does the exception is the smallpox vaccine of monkeys for which a distance of at least 4 weeks (28 days) is indicated between one vaccine and another.

As for the flu vaccine, the possibility of administering it together with the anti-Covid vaccine on the occasion of the vaccination campaign against the influenza virus.

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