Obligatory masks in Campania, the order of De Luca: this is what it provides

Vincenzo De Luca
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The President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca issued a new ordinance relating to the prolongation of the anti-Covid restrictions regarding theobligation to wear a mask in some places.

The provision is valid throughout the region and includes both obligations and recommendations.

Here is what it imposes in detail:

  • for the whole month, then 1 from October to 31 2022, there is an obligation to wear masks in all health facilities, Then hospitals, of hospitality and long-term care, in RSa (Nursing Home), in hospice, in rehabilitation facilities and in residential structures for the elderly, even those who are not self-sufficient. Staff, employees, users and visitors are obliged to wear it;
  • instead, there is the recommendation to wear the mask on means of transport, since the obligation ended on September 30th. In fact, these are places where there are often gatherings and there is a lot of contact with each other;
  • there is no obligation for children under 6 years old, for those who have pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask, for people who have to communicate with a person with disabilities in order not to be able to use the device.

The other restrictions in force in Italy

As mentioned, September 30th is the last day on which there is the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask on means of transport, so from 1 October the choice of whether to do so or not is subjective, although it is recommended.

Instead, the October 31 will be the deadline for restrictions on security protocols in the workplace, such as measuring the temperature at the entrance and wearing a mask when distances cannot be maintained.

Finally, until December 31st the obligation to show the Green Pass remains for health workers, patients and visitors.

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