20 years with Pino, photographic exhibition on Pino Daniele at the PAN of Naples

Photo by Pino Daniele at the photographic exhibition at the PAN in Naples
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A photographic exhibition that will make known the father and husband Pino, discovering the private dimension of the Neapolitan artist

A new initiative to commemorate Pino Daniele and remember the great artist who made Naples even more famous in the world, emphasizing critical points and positive aspects.

It is a photographic exhibition which will be set up at PAN of Naples from 16 October 2015 (with inauguration of 15 October) to 10 January 2016 and will be titled "20 years with Pino (Addove)". It will also be made possible thanks to the collaboration of Pino's ex-wife, Fabiola Sciabbarrasi, and his children.

The exhibition

“20 years with Pino” wants to remember, rather than the artist, Pino father e husband, the man who hides behind the songwriter and who has however influenced his works.
There will be 180 fotografie e 3-4 hours of video, all unpublished material created by the photographer Alessandro D'Urso, a great friend of Pino who, with this exhibition, also wants to tell the dreams and emotions felt in front of his myth.
You will be able to discover and experience the private dimension by Pino Daniele, starting from 1990 to reach the 2008, a twenty-year period in which he collaborated with many international and Italian artists. Among the most important Pat Metheny, Al Di Meola, Rachel Z, Jimmy Earl, Peter Erskine, Ron, Fiorella Mannoia, 99 Posse, Francesco De Gregori.

They are all photos taken on film, therefore sometimes imperfect, and imperfection “becomes language because the grain, the light, the exposure… everything contributes to creating an image that is sometimes not perfect, but unique and therefore poetic”. Precisely for this reason the exhibition opens with an enlargement of a “contact sheet”, a contact sheet, which also shows the marks of the photographer's pencil, on the chosen image.

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Informazioni sulla 20 years with Pino (addove)

When: from 16 October 2015 to 10 January 2016 (15 October opening)
Where: PAN - Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, via dei Mille 60
Ticket price: 6€
Timetables: Monday and Wednesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 19.30 | Sunday from 9.30 to 14.00 | Tuesday closed
Info: info20anni@gmail.com | infoline: 377 9758580 | exhibition site | Facebook event

Photo source: official Facebook page of the mayor Luigi De Magistris

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