Degas in Naples, in San Domenico Maggiore the exhibition of the painter of the dancers

The opera Blue Dancers by Degas
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In 2023 the art a Napoli fifth part. In fact, the year will be inaugurated with Edgar Degas with his exhibitionDegas, the return to Naples” in the monumental complex of San Domenico Maggiore. Not surprisingly, we recall, that in the distant 1856 the artist stayed just a few steps from where his exhibition will be held.

Even before talking about the works on display, the exhibition will welcome visitors with a engaging story able to narrate in a detailed and engaging way the life personal and professional of the French artist.

Updates: exhibition extended to 25 June 2023

In our city Degas will be remembered in great style, in fact, the city is vast collection hosted in the Neapolitan complex will include over 100 works of the French Impressionist, such as "Portrait of Eugène Manet", 10 monotypes from the series Maison Tellier, 32 original monotypes on the Cardinal family made by Degas, printed by Ambroise Vollard, 40 facsimile drawings from Carnet by Ludovic Halevy.

Degas is also remembered for his Ballerina and this strong relationship with dance will be represented with two sculptures, vintage engravings and some drawings enclosed in a facsimile for Halévy's Carnets.

The missing works will still be present in the impressionist's digital story, through the projections, like that of the painting dedicated to the Bellelli family and many others. Another area will be dedicated to another of Degas' passions, namely the photography: it will be possible to admire the shots of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Contacts and information

  • Reservations:
  • Phone: (+ 39) 371 170 47 94
  • Timetables: from Monday to Friday: 09:30 – 19:30; Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 09:30 – 20:30
  • Where: San Domenico Maggiore in Naples
  • When: from Saturday 14 January 2023 to Sunday 25 June 2023
  • Prezzi:
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