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Series of events in Sorrento at Christmas
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Christmas the locality of Sorrento, as always, fields a huge program covering almost every day of December and January. In this article we make one narrow selection to highlight some of the top events of Christmas in Sorrento.

Lighting the lights

In Piazza Tasso in Sorrentoor start Christmas from Saturday November 26 2022. The lights, it also starts it Christmas shopping local. The event will be followed by Radio Kiss Kiss who will comment on the event live!

When: Saturday 26 November, 18 pm in Piazza Tasso

Santa Claus Village “IGLOO VILLAGE”

A real Santa's Village rises in Villa Fiorentino which becomes the stage for the magic of Christmas in Sorrento.

Village program

4 December 2022 16,30 hours: Inauguration parade with all the characters present in the village with themed musical accompaniment;

9/10/11 December at 17,30 – 19,00 – 20,30: Show of magic and soap bubbles;

13/14/15 December from 9,00 to 13,00: Chocoland Academy with chocolate master Antonio Vanacore and “The tales of Mela and Pastrocchio“, playful and educational laboratory;

December 16th 17,30 pm – 19,00 pm – 20,30 pm: Show of magic and soap bubbles;

17 and 18 December at 17,30 pm – 19,00 pm – 20,30 pm: Christmas themed show;

20/21/22 December from 9,00 am to 13,00 pm: Creative workshop with a master carpenter and “The tales of Mela and Pastrocchio“, playful and educational laboratory;

23 24 and December 17,30 – 19,00 – 20,30: Show of magic and soap bubbles;

30 31 and December 17,30 – 19,00 – 20,30: Show of magic and soap bubbles;

6 and 7 January 2023 at 17,30 – 19,00 – 20,30: Christmas themed show;

8 January 19,00 hours: Final parade;

When: from 5 December to 8 January, from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:30
Where: Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento

Chocolateland Sorrento

As well as in Naples and in other localities, Chocolateland Italy It also comes to Sorrento. Stands with local artisans, educational workshops to learn about the world of chocolate, guests of honor and much more in the events branded by this now famous organization in this gluttonous sector.

When: from 7 to 11 December
Where: Corso Italia from 10,00 to 24,00

Sorrento Jazz with Raphael Gualazzi

In a Sorrento framed by Christmas lights, the Teatro Comunale Tasso will host the 23rd edition of Sorrento Jazz International Festival-Sorrentina Peninsula Festival.

The event starts from 15 to 18 December, but on the day of 17 December at 19:30 the appointment will be with Raphael Gualazzi. It is about the performance of “Raphale Gualizzi Trio” (Raphael Gualazzi piano and voice, Anders Ulrich double bass, Gianluca Nanni drums).

The entrance has a cost of € 5 per person. Tickets are available on and proceeds will be donated to charity.

When: 17 December 2022, 19 pm.
Where: Tasso Theater of Sorrento

Live Passion Concert

Shortly before Christmas, on December 21st, Sorrento welcomes the music of the concert Live Passion. The event will take place at the Teatro Tasso at 21:00.

There will be large ones guests to enrich this event, there will in fact be present:

  • Francesco di Bella of the 24 grains
  • Dario Sansone of the Foja
  • Roberto Colella, The Mask
  • Clumsy
  • Gnut
  • Flo's
  • Irene Scarpato
  • Simon Boo
  • Raiz, Almamegretta

When: December 21
Where: Teatro Tasso at 21:00

Peppe Servillo & Solis String Quartet

Sorrento welcomes the artist Peppe Servillo in his performance with the Solis String Quartet featured on his new album released on June 24, 2022 dedicated to Renato Carosone, hence the title "heartily".

  • Peppe Servillo – Voice
  • Vincenzo Di Donna – Violin
  • Luigi De Maio – Violin
  • Gerardo Morrone – Viola
  • Antonio Di Francia – Cello, Guitar and Arrangements

When: 22 December 2022
Where: Tasso Theater of Sorento

Max Angioni with Miraculous

The now famous host Max Angioni, who has achieved incredible success in broadcasts such as LOL2 and Italia's Got Talent, has brought his show entitled "Miraculous”. The exhibition also arrives in Sorrento, in the Teatro Comunale.

On stage, the comedian entertains audiences with a variety of personal experiences, from social conversations to his complex and quirky relationship with sports. The name of the show takes inspiration from the "Gospel" because it narrates epic and historical events and above all because Max considered himself this way lucky in living this escalation of success to feel “miraculous".

When: December 23
Where: Teatro Tasso at 21

Neapolitan fried pizza at Christmas

The Neapolitan tradition has it that during the lunch of the Christmas' Eve eat there fried pizza. A historical custom that belongs in particular to the city center, but also to Sorrento this custom is brought to the table. The note of Sorrento is at the Gigino's pizzeria at 12: 00.

But the question many still ask is: Why do you eat fried pizza on Christmas Eve? Maybe not many people know that tradition wants people to eat light during lunch on the 24th, in order to prepare one's stomach for the evening and especially for December 25th. And so, like good Neapolitans, what's lighter than a quick fried pizza?

When: 24 December 2022
Where: Via degli archi, pizzeria Da Gigino from 12:00

December 25th and December 31st in Sorrento

December 25, Christmas in Sorrento

On Christmas day there will be a Christmas concert with music in memory of Bianca Gambardella Acampora. The concert will be held by the association Sorrento Sinfonietta International Chamber Orchestra.

When: 25 December from 13pm
Where: Church of SS Annunziata, Sorrento

December 31, New Year's Eve in Sorrento

Also for the last day of the year Sorrento has prepared a rich program between music and fireworks. Here is the program for this day that will greet 2022:

  • End of year concert: SCS Sorrento Sinfonietta International Symphony Orchestra Strauss, Viennese music and surroundings. At Teatro Tasso hours 11,30
  • ignition of "Pacifier of Fire" tradition with the traveling musical performance of the folk group "Piedigrotta Sorrentina” and with the participation of Marco Palmieri; At Piazza Tasso hours 18,00 
  • New Year's party with live music, Dj Set and animation; Piazza Tasso hours 23,00
  • Fireworks show in Marina Piccola of Sorrento at 01,00

Complete Christmas program in Sorrento 2022

If you are interested in viewing the complete list of Christmas activities in Sorrento, you can either consult our article with all events listed day by day, both download this PDF with the program paginated by the Sorrento magazine entitled Surrentum.

download the pdf program of christmas in sorrento 2022
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  • Where: Sorrento
  • When: from Saturday 26 November 2022 to Sunday 22 January 2023
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