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In an enchanting atmosphere, between sparkling lights and enveloping fragrances, i Christmas Markets in the area Campania they represent a unique experience to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays. This guide will take you on an extraordinary journey:

Napoli offers a series of traditional Christmas markets, from Vomero al Old Town, with stalls full of gastronomic delights and unique handcrafted gifts. San Gregorio Armeno brings the tradition of nativity scenes to life in a surprising way, while the Christmas Village at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples waiting to be discovered and much more. Furthermore, in the province of Naples, from Pozzuoli to the Palace of Portici, you will find hidden treasures.

The magic also extends throughout Campania with places that are renewed precisely for this festive period.

Markets in Naples

The Christmas markets in Vomero

Christmas lights at Vomero

Il Vomero comes alive during the Christmas period with his family markets, turning into a lively center of festivity e business. From November 23rd to January 9th, Piazza degli Artisti becomes a point of reference for lovers ofhandicraft, The Christmas items, the vintage and collecting, with 22 stalls. Via E. Alvino, from November 30 to January 9, offers a similar experience but limited to weekends, with 10 dedicated seats. Kauffman Street e Via Bertini, in the same period, welcome 46 places where you can find a variety of items fromlocal crafts to Christmas trees, Via books, musical instruments and objects vintage. Piazza Muzii, from 27 November to 9 January, completes the offer with an additional 10 places.

A distinctive element of this area is the pedestrianization di Piazza degli Artisti throughout the Christmas period. This transformation not only facilitates access to the markets, but also contributes to creating an atmosphere festive e cozy, allowing visitors to stroll and shop throughout tranquility.

  1. Piazza degli Artisti: November 23-January 9.
  2. Via E. Alvino: November 30-January 9 (weekends only).
  3. Via Kauffman-Via Bertini: November 23-January 9.
  4. Piazza Muzii: November 27-January 9.

The Christmas markets in the historic center

Il Old Town of Naples lights up with the magical atmosphere of the Christmas markets. Piazza Dante, from December 1st to January 8th, stands out with its 52 gazebos, offering a variety of Christmas and handcrafted products. The Courtyard Santa Chiara e Piazza Carità, with its two facades - the monument side and the Pignasecca side - immerse visitors in a festive and traditional atmosphere. Via Armando Diaz e Largo Berlinguer, Together with Via Cervantes, add to the charm of the center with their colorful stalls full of offers. Market Square, active from 1 to 24 December, transforms into a hub of Christmas celebrations and shopping. THE Spanish Neighborhoods they enrich the offer with a special event, which could be a big concert.

In Railway area, the Christmas atmosphere extends to Porta Capuana e Piazza Garibaldi. From 7 December to 7 January, these areas come alive with markets that offer a blend of tradition and modernity, with a focus on craftsmanship, local gastronomy and unique gift ideas. Here, the essence of Naples merges with the Christmas spirit, creating an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors.

  • Piazza Dante: December 1st - January 8th
  • Courtyard Santa Chiara.
  • Piazza Carità monument side and Pignasecca side
  • Via Armando Diaz/Largo Berlinguer.
  • Via Cervantes.
  • Market Square: December 1-24.
  • Spanish Neighborhoods: Christmas events

Christmas celebration in San Gregorio Armeno

Crib of San Gregorio Armeno

Il Christmas a San Gregorio Armeno, In the heart of Napoli, is a unique experience that takes place from 2th November up to 6st January. This street, internationally famous for its artisan shops, transforms into a magical journey during the holiday period. The stalls along the way they illuminate with twinkling lights and offer a wide range of cribs e figurines, true handcrafted works of art that represent scenes of daily life and biblical scenes.

The art of processing shepherds is handed down from generation to generation, making these figures not only Christmas decorations, but authentic masterpieces ofNeapolitan crafts. The atmosphere is lively, enriched by the stories of the sellers who reveal the stories behind each creation and by the visitors, both local and international, who immerse themselves in this enchanted world. San Gregorio Armeno during the Christmas it is not just a place of commerce, but becomes a living emblem of culture and Neapolitan tradition.

Christmas markets at the Business Center of Naples

From 15 23 to December, the Naples Business Center is transformed with theIgloo Christmas Village, an event that lights up the heart of the city. This Christmas village offers a unique combination of craft markets e street food regional, enriched by shows and creative workshops for all ages.

In the village, a showcase of Italian excellence, you can taste delicacies from Sicilian pastry al cheese, Via chocolate e spirit, as well as discovering the unique products of local artisans. A calendar full of events accompanies visitors: from the puppet theater of Antonino Mercurio, to the Scatto Matto soap bubble show, up to the performances of Zeno Spitafuoco and the Takaboom Street Band.

THEIgloo Christmas Village it also offers the spectacular Nativity Experience in 3D,northern Lights and sweet surprises with Santa Claus and the elves, thanks to Zebby Animation. This unique experience combines cutting-edge technology with ancient Neapolitan nativity art. Organized by D2 Eventi and supported by the Municipality of Naples, the details are available on social media, including Maria Caniglia's Facebook page.

Christmas atEdenlandia of Naples

From December up to 6 January 2204, Edenlandia, the well-known playground in Naples, is transformed into Christmas country, an enchanting Christmas village with free entry. This event offers a festive experience for all ages, with traditional markets, encounters with fairytale characters and, of course, the inevitable Santa Claus.

Christmas country it is a festival of lights and colors, where visitors of all ages can enjoy giostrine, musical performances a ice skating rink and various craft markets. The park becomes a magical meeting point, where the tradition of Christmas comes to life through parades, fairy-tale characters and a joyful atmosphere.

Among the main attractions are:

  • Rides suitable for all ages.
  • shows that capture the Christmas spirit.
  • Markets with handcrafted products perfect for unique gifts.
  • Skating under the Christmas lights.
  • Restaurants sectors varied.
  • Music festive.
  • Meetings with fairy-tale characters such as Santa Claus and the Befana.
  • Christmas parades colored.
  • Scenographic arrangements which transform the park into a Christmas village.
  • Artisan Nativity Scenes that reflect local art and culture.

For further details, it is recommended to consult the official Instagram page @christmaslandofficial.

christmasl and official

Naples Christmas Markets in Pietrarsa

From 2 December 2023 al 7 January 2024, the Christmas markets at National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa they promise to be a memorable event. After the success of the previous edition, which attracted over 110.000 visitors, this year an even more magical Christmas atmosphere is expected, with sparkling lights and Christmas melodies, immersed in the Campania food and wine tradition.

Il chocolate is the absolute protagonist, with the Willy Show to the Chocolate Factory, offering a unique experience to visitors. Furthermore, there will be a wide range of activities for everyone, including the meeting with Santa's Elves, visits to Santa's House, the theatrical itinerary of the "Christmas Factory", the treasure hunt "On the trail of Grinch”, live show “Christmas Tales”, and much more.

The program varies between weekdays and weekends, offering different shows, workshops, and activities, including The Candy Man Show and the musical “The True Story of Pinocchio”.

Opening hours are from 10am with last entry at 00pm, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the Christmas experience. For further details, you can consult the event's Instagram page.

Christmas Village at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples

Il Christmas Village 2023 to the Mostra d'Oltremare of Naples promises to be one of the most glittering events of the season, surpassing the success of the previous year which attracted over 80.000 visitors. This magical Christmas village, open from 7 30 to December, stands out for its variety of attractions and activities suitable for all ages.

Inside the Christmas Village, visitors can explore a fascinating Christmas market, attend workshops for children, enjoy culinary delights in thefood area, and skate on the vast ice rink. For the little ones, there is aplayground dedicated and lovely Santa's House, where they can meet their favorite holiday character.

The program also includes pyrotechnic shows, musicals, special guests like the Cavalry Family, Salvo & Giorgia, and Stefano and Ilary Pollari, as well as activities such as Baby Dance e Face Painting. Adults can immerse themselves in the magic of the Christmas Markets, admire the decorations and enjoy the final fireworks show.

Christmas Village at the Mostra d'Oltremare

Markets in the province of Naples

Christmas markets in Pozzuoli

Il Christmas a Pozzuoli it transforms into a magical festive paradise, a place where joy and happiness reign supreme. The streets of the city shine with festive lights, creating an atmosphere that warms the hearts of adults and children. During this period, Pozzuoli becomes an unmissable meeting point to experience unforgettable moments with family or friends.

For the little ones, Pozzuoli turns out to be a truly enchanted world. Between playful elves and a Santa Claus always ready to collect wishes, children will live an experience of pure magic, between sparkling lights and joyful laughter.

The fulcrum of the celebrations is the Christmas Market Exhibition, a real feast for the senses. Here, you can discover traditional sweets, unique artefacts and perfect gifts, in an atmosphere that combines tradition and fun. Each stand is a story in itself, telling the story of local culture and craftsmanship.

Le Santa's houses they are an additional attraction, enchanting both adults and children. Each house is a corner of joy, rich in Pozzuoli's Christmas traditions, where every detail is designed to immerse visitors in a world of happiness.

Christmas markets at the Royal Palace of Portici

From 7 10 to December, Palace of Portici gets dressed up with i Christmas markets, offering a unique experience of history, culture and tradition. Free entry invites everyone to discover stands local artisans, gift ideas originals e gastronomic specialities in the suggestive context of Royal Riding Track of the Royal Palace.

In addition to the markets, the Royal Palace of Portici hosts a varied program of cultural and Christmas events. Among the activities, the educational initiative "Agricultural Sciences under the tree" stands out, Christmas workshops for children, meetings with Disney characters e Santa Claus, as well as book presentations and circus shows. Visitors can also enjoy musical concerts e guided tours at the Royal Palace, enriching the experience with art, history and Christmas cheer.

For more information on specific events and times, you can consult the page Official Facebook of the Palace of Portici.

Markets in Campania

Christmas Markets 2023 at Limatola Castle

I Christmas markets 2023 al Castle of Limatola, located between Benevento and Caserta, offer a unique experience in the heart of a historical treasure. This annual event transforms the castle into a magical destination, where Christmas tradition blends with the history and architecture of the place.

Il Castle of Limatola, dating back to Norman times, stands on a hill, offering breathtaking views. In addition to being a historical monument, it is home to important cultural and festive events.

I Limatola Christmas markets, among the most famous in Campania, offer handcrafted products, antiques, ceramics and local delicacies. The event Cadeaux at the Castle enriches the experience with over 120 exhibitors, medieval dances and street performers.

Access to the markets is subject to a fee, with tickets ranging from 5 to 15 euros depending on the day and time slot. Tickets can be purchased on the official website. A glass of mulled wine or fruit juice is included in the ticket price for Thursday 7 December.

The rides of Limatola Castle

Christmas Markets at Castello Dell'Ettore in Apice Vecchia

Il Castle of the Hector ad Old apex becomes an enchanting Christmas scenario, hosting the Christmas markets and a host of artists. From the 18 / 19 November al 16/17 December 2023, visitors can immerse themselves in a festive atmosphere, including shows, crafts and gastronomy.

The castle comes alive with the presence of Santa Claus, King Arthur, Wizard Merlin, and other legendary characters, providing entertainment for all ages. Opening hours vary between Saturday and Sunday, with tickets at 8€ for adults and 2€ for children. For a unique Christmas experience, visit the website for further details.

Ettore Castle decorated for Christmas

Christmas in Torre del Greco

La Valley of Christmas a Bear Valley a Greek's tower reopens the 2 December 2023 for its seventh edition, transforming the well-known water park into a splendid Christmas cabin until 26th December. Recognized as one of the most beautiful Christmas villages in Campania and awarded with the Parkmania Awards, the Christmas Valley offers a magical and fascinating atmosphere.

The village comes alive with helpers of Santa Claus, elves, games, entertainment and traditional markets, creating an enchanted world for visitors of all ages. With educational workshops for children and multiple attractions for adults, it is an event that combines fun and festive spirit.

Markets at Gesualdo Castle

Gesualdo Castle, in the province of Avellino, celebrates the Christmas with a charming Christmas village twigs 24th November 2023 al 7 January 2024. The event offers special attractions such as village of Santa Claus, a mini LEGO village, exhibitions on cribs and much more.

Santa Claus has created his own village inside the castle, including the mini LEGO village. There are also exhibitions dedicated to cribs and cultural activities such as educational workshops, concerts and theatrical performances.

I Christmas markets at Gesualdo Castle they offer typical and artisanal products, with food stands. The event takes place from 10:00 22:30 twigs 24th November 2023 al 7 January 2024.

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