Naples Christmas Markets in Pietrarsa. Tickets, times, program

Pietrarsa Christmas markets

I Christmas markets at National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa are preparing to amaze once again, after the memorable success of the previous edition, which was recorded over 110.000 visitors. The event aims to shine again this year thanks to its unique atmosphere, characterized by sparkling lights, Christmas melodies, and the traditionalthe wooden houses, enriched by flavors authentic products of Campania food and wine.

From 2 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, this Christmas celebration promises to be an exceptional event, where the magic of Christmas blends with culture and tradition.

Chocolate takes center stage with the Willy Show

This year, i Christmas markets they will see chocolate as the absolute protagonist. The Willy Show to the Chocolate Factory promises to be an unmissable attraction, offering visitors an engaging and tasty experience into the world of chocolate.

An infinite number of activities for everyone

The Christmas Markets will offer a variety of activities:

  • Meeting with the Santa's elves
  • Visits to Santa's House e Postal letter
  • The theatricalized journey of the “Christmas factory"
  • The treasure hunt”On the trail of the Grinch"
  • live show “Christmas fairy tales”
  • Screening of the interactive film “The wonders of Cocoa"
  • Choco Dance Children
  • Willy Show to the chocolate factory
  • Candy Laboratory
  • Choco Parade in Viale degli Artigiani
  • The Candy Man Show (only on weekends)
  • Musicals”The true story of Pinocchio” (only on weekends)

Program of the Pietrarsa markets

Program from Tuesday to Friday

The daily program from Tuesday to Friday offers a rich and engaging festive experience:

  • 10.00: welcome guests and opening of all stations.
  • 10.30: greeting from the elves to the children.
  • 11.00: beginning of the theatrical journey towards the Christmas Factory.
  • 11.30: screening of “The Wonders of Cocoa”.
  • 12.00: “On the trail of the Grinch” treasure hunt.
  • 12.30: Santa's greeting to the children.
  • 13.00: Choco Dance.
  • 13.30: “Christmas Fairy Tales” show.
  • 15.00: new theatrical journey towards the Christmas Factory.
  • 15.30: second screening of “The Wonders of Cocoa” and treasure hunt.
  • 16.00: repetition of the show “Christmas Tales”.
  • 16.30: Willy show at the chocolate factory.
  • 17.00: third theatrical journey.
  • 17.30: third screening of “The Wonders of Cocoa”.
  • 18.00: according to Willy show.
  • 18.30: Candy making demonstration.
  • 19.00: third show “Christmas Tales”.
  • 19.30: Choco Dance.
  • 20.00: last treasure hunt of the day.
  • 20.30: Choco Parade and greeting from Santa Claus.
  • 21.00: last Willy show.
  • 21.30: Choco Dance and character parade.

Weekend and holiday programme

Weekends and public holidays offer an enriched program for an unforgettable Christmas experience:

  • 10.00: welcome and opening of the stations.
  • 10.30: greeting with the characters from the markets.
  • 11.00: Choco Parade and theatrical route to the Christmas Factory.
  • 11.30: treasure hunt and The Candy Man Show.
  • 12.00: Choco Dance.
  • 12.30: musical “The True Story of Pinocchio”.
  • 13.00: Willy Show.
  • 13.30: repeat of The Candy Man Show and treasure hunt.
  • 14.30: second performance of the musical “The True Story of Pinocchio”.
  • 15.00: according to Willy Show.
  • 15.30: Choco Dance and new theatrical path.
  • 16.00: treasure hunt and The Candy Man Show.
  • 16.30: third performance of the musical.
  • 17.00: Candy making demonstration at the Factory.
  • 17.30: third Willy Show.
  • 18.00: The Candy Man Show and treasure hunt.
  • 18.30: fourth performance of the musical.
  • 19.00: Choco Parade and Choco Dance.
  • 20.00: last theatrical journey of the day.
  • 20.30: The Candy Man Show and greeting from Santa Claus.
  • 21.00: last Willy Show.
  • 21.30: Choco Dance.
  • 22.00: Choco Parade and goodnight.

Opening and closing times

The Christmas Markets will be open from 2 December 2023 to 7 January 2024, with opening hours from 10am and last entry at 00pm. These times allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and magic of Christmas in Naples.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @mercatinidinatale_napoli
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