Christmas in Pozzuoli with markets, Santa Claus and attractions for children

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Pozzuoli it turns into a real paradise Christmas! Imagine illuminated streets, contagious laughter and an atmosphere that warms your heart. This year, the Christmas in Pozzuoli it is an event not to be missed. Get ready to experience unforgettable moments with your family and friends!

Christmas in Pozzuoli for the little ones

It's an enchanted world that awaits you children in Pozzuoli during the holidays. Between playful elves and a Santa Claus always ready to listen to wishes, the little ones will find magic at every corner. Imagine their eyes shining at the sight of the twinkling lights and their laughter as they explore this wonder Christmas village.

Christmas market exhibition

The beating heart of this party? There Christmas Market Exhibition! A real feast for the senses, where you can find everything from traditional sweets to unique artefacts, ideal for your gifts. This market is not just a place to shop: it is an experience that combines tradition and fun, a place where each stand tells a story.

Santa's houses

And then there are the Santa's houses, an attraction that enchants adults and children. Each house is a little treasure, a corner of joy where you can discover the Christmas traditions of Pozzuoli. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of these small sparkling homes, where every detail is designed to take you into a world of happiness.

They will not fail Christmas music that resonate in the air, at shows that entertain and enchant, there is always something that captures the attention and the heart. Let yourself be carried away by the joy and take part in the events that enliven the streets of this enchanted city.

  • Where: Pozzuoli
  • When: from Friday 08 December 2023 to Saturday 06 January 2024
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