Exhibition on Massimo Troisi at the MANN: exhibition, dates, information

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After the success obtained in Procida, the exhibition "The Postman behind the scenes. The faces of Massimo Troisi” also approves in Naples. It will be hosted by Archaeological Museum of Naples up to 13 March 2023.

Il Postino is one of the biggest films never made who managed to achieve success all over the world. Massimo Troisi committed himself to carrying forward this project, despite his illness. He decided to postpone the necessary heart surgery in order to participate in the filming of the film, but unfortunately he died the next day during his sleep due to a fatal heart attack.

Photo source: scabec.ti

What the exhibition includes

After the success of the exhibition “Il Postino behind the scenes. The faces of Massimo Troisi", some works exhibited at Procida will be transferred to MANN, where they will remain on display until mid-March.

The works present should be similar to those exhibited in Procida, consequently it will be possible to view pictorial works, blow-ups and prints and, above all, there will also be the bmovie bike The postman , “Pulcinella” sculpture by Lello Esposito. All accompanied by the widespread music of Luis Bacalov, soundtrack of The postman, and the backstage video of the latest film starring Troisi.

Recall that the bronze sculpture created by Lello Esposito it was created specifically for Massimo Troisi who commissioned it personally. Some pieces are taken from Troisi's private collection, such as “Here I am – Pulcinella for Massimo Troisi, 1992” in bronze and lava stone that he proudly flaunted at the entrance to his Rome apartment.

PDF of the scabec.it exhibition

Contacts and information

  • Where: Archaeological Museum of Naples
  • When: from Sunday 13 February 2022 to Monday 13 March 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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