Naples and the game: the mystical mathematics of the Smorfia in the Neapolitan tradition

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Poker, Roulette and BlackJack they certainly have an interesting history but the relationship of the Neapolitans with the game is the most mystical and mathematical one can see in every corner of the districts.

Already in the nineteenth the city lived on mathematical mysticism that made the game a real science by investigating the world of dreams, almost before Freud was born. If Venice can be considered as the mother of casinos and Sanremo the gambling capital with their historic gambling halls, Naples is definitely the gambling capital of all, it will be because of its geological risks.

Vesuvius and its risks in the playful tradition of the Neapolitans

The Neapolitan city lives an archaic relationship with the playful experience that goes beyond pure and simple reality, the language of Neapolitan grimace it is the Bible of the relationship of rationality with the unconscious before Freud's Interpretation of Dreams. The sacred Neapolitan playful text has inhabited the city since the end of the 600th century but the origins of the game date back to the archaic Neapolis in the middle of the Roman period. Before the lottery, the game of dice had already been the protagonist of the uses and customs of Naples - Roman, as well as betting on gladiators and chariot races.

When theLot in Genoa, the inhabitants also began to focus on political issues and it was thus that the lottery game also spread to Naples, greatly influencing the culture, behavior and habits of the people.

The habit of living with risk is inherent in the DNA of the Neapolitans, just think that they live in a highly seismic area between Vesuvius and other underground volcanoes that occasionally puff, which is why the numbers game almost took over the Neapolitan tradition. Not only that, the lottery soon amplified the Neapolitan people's desire to bet, so much so that in the nineteenth century this game became a real exact science: a mystical mathematics.

The mystical mathematics of the Grimace

The creative wisdom of the Greek people who put Morpheus on the throne of dreams, combined with the mathematics of the meaning of the Kabbalah and his continuous search for the meanings hidden behind the numbers, give birth to the Grimace: the perpetual retracing of dreams giving a numerical meaning to each symbol encountered in the dream journey.

In the mystical mathematics of the Neapolitan Grimace, the number 90 corresponds to the feeling of fear, the number 48 is a dead man speaking, the mother is 52, the 28 is the female breast, the 1 is Italy, the 4 is the pork and so on from 1 to 90.

Through these symbols a person can travel entire journeys in the dream world and connect them to reality when he wakes up, in the game of the lotto as well as in roulette and Black Jack; but what differentiates the other games from the Neapolitan culture of numbers game is the direct experience lived in every betting shop in the alleys of Naples, in the squares and near the most enchanting places in the city, in direct contact with the Neapolitan people.

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