Naples Scudetto party, traffic device for 3,4,5 May

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On the occasion of the scheduled events a Naples from 3 to 5 May 2023 for the celebrations of Napoli Scudetto, the municipal administration has orderedor specific measures concerning road traffic.

Here is the detailed information on the limitations to traffic, derogations planned and additional measures in place to ensure safety and public order.

Traffic restrictions in the center of Naples

Timetables of the circulation device

Il circulation device will be in effect at the following times:

  • from 21:00 on 3 May to 2:00 on 4 May 2023
  • from 21:00 on 4 May to 2:00 on 5 May 2023

Areas affected by restrictions

1. area inside the perimeter delimited by the following streets/squares: largo Sermoneta, via Francesco Caracciolo, via Partenope, via Nazario Sauro, via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton, via Cristoforo Colombo, via Nuova Marina, via Ponte della Maddalena, via Reggia di Portici, via Emanuele Gianturco, via Taddeo da Sessa, corso Meridionale, via Firenze, piazza Principe Umberto, corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, piazza Carlo III, via Foria, piazza Cavour, piazza Museo Nazionale, via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, via Salvator Rosa, piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, corso Vittorio Emanuele, ascent Piedigrotta, piazza Sannazaro, via Mergellina;

2. further roads to be forbidden to the transit and circulation of vehicles: via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, corso Amedeo di Savoia, via Salvator Rosa (from piazza Mazzini to aiuola Santacroce), via Torquato Tasso, ascent of the Grotta, tunnel 4 Giornate, tunnel Laziale, via Fuorigrotta (from via delle Legioni to the confluence with the Lazio gallery) via Orazio.

Exemptions from the ban on circulation

Several are planned derogations to the prohibition, including law enforcement, rescue and emergency vehicles, vehicles used to transport the disabled, vehicles of public bodies and public service companies, and others specified in the source.

No parking and stopping near hospitals

In addition to the traffic restrictions, a prohibition of parking and stopping with forced removal within 300 meters of hospitals with emergency rooms, as listed:

1. Ospedale del Mare, in via Enrico Russo, 41 (Ponticelli);2. Cardarelli Hospital at via Cardarelli, 9;
3. Santobono Pediatric Hospital at via Mario Fiore, 6;
4. San Paolo hospital at via Terracina, 219;
5. Pilgrims' Hospital at via Portamedina at Pignasecca, 41;
6. CTO hospital at viale Colli Aminei, 21;
7. Villa Betania, via Argine n. 604;
8. Fatebenefratelli, via Alessandro Manzoni n. 220.

The prohibition applies on the following days and times

– From 17:00 on Wednesday 3 May to 4:00 on Thursday 4 May 2023;
– From 17:00 on Thursday 4 May to 4:00 on Friday 5 May 2023;

Additional measures for the celebrations of the SSC Napoli championship

During the times of the festivities, additional restrictions will be in place, including the sales ban of drinks in rigid containers and the ban on the sale and use of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices.

More information: the municipality of Naples

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